My Article Read (7-3-2014)




  1. Busy Week Ahead For IRS Legal Team – Judicial Watch and True The Vote – Two Court Cases To Hear Arguments About Missing E-Mails…

  2. Obamadelphia, DC??

  3. Mississippi Burning – McDaniel Offers Reward For Evidence of Voter Fraud As Team Identifies 4,900 Invalid Votes So Far…

  4. Un Vacación Para Un Gentilhombre…

  5. What about *your* gaffes, Hillary?

  6. Bookshelf update — Tories: Fighting for the King in America’s First Civil War

  7. Independence Day, Iowahawk-style! Evil genius announces big move, name change

  8. ‘Sexy’ felon vs. hunter Kendall Jones: ‘American Hoggers’ star Krystal ‘Pistol’ Campbell sums up the reaction

  9. Judge John G. Heyburn Says Man’s Law Higher than God’s Law

  10. What happens when husbands take phone messages

  11. Might have to call out the National Guard

  12. So This is What Heaven Looks Like – Grootberg Lodge, Namibia

  13. Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America?

  14. Supreme Court Ruling on Unions could mark the “End Of The Democratic Party”

  15. 5-Year-Old Labeled as “Sexual” Offender

  16. School Doubles Down on Suspending Boy for Pop Tart Gnawed into Gun Shape

  17. A Muslim Law Student Gets Schooled on “Muslim Radicals”

  18. Rick Perry: Obama Is in on Recent Flood in Illegal Immigrants

  19. Another “OOPS” For The Global Warming Crowd.

  20. In Case You’ve Wondered……

  21. Independence Lost

  22. Quote Of The Day — July 3,2014

  23. Another tough schedule for the president…

  24. Why Does The Left Want To Destroy The U.S.?

  25. The BULL In Our China Shop

  26. Maybe I Had Something To Do With It?

  27. Send these Doctrines to the Dustbin

  28. The Lost Power of Communion

  29. Time To Get It Right

  30. What If You Could Come Back?

  31. Loving Even When You Don’t Agree

  32. Life-changing Questions for the Life Coach

  33. Defiant Louisiana Sheriff to Pray Publicly at July 4th Rally, Despite “Ridiculous” ACLU Threats

  34. Petition With 105,000 Signatures Delivered to Air Force Academy Demanding Religious Liberty be Restored to Cadets

  35. Inspirational Stories

  36. I’m Sending a Prophet Into Your Situation

  37. You’ll Only Understand If You Watch Duck Dynasty

  38. Liberals Need to Lobby for a New Hobby

  39. Hang him. In public, on the 4th of July.

  40. New Zealand: Pandering to primitives

  41. D.C. WHISPERS: Obama Cries Out – “It’s about ME!” (UPDATED)

  42. BREAKING: Patriotic Bikers Plan a March to “Shut Down the Border”


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