My Article Read (6-23_2014)




  1. O-Bam! How do you crush Obama’s ‘selfie wall’ White House with one point? Like this

  2. A Catholic dad’s ‘rules for dating my daughter’ [photo]

  3. International headline of the year involves giant marble vagina; photos even better

  4. ‘#NotTheOnion’: David Brock accusing Free Beacon of ‘unethical practices’ causes ‘LOLOL’

  5. ‘Brilliant’: Instapundit’s suggestion for new Washington Redskins name and logo is a winner

  6. ‘It’s about time’: Ruth Buzzi announces Washington Redskins removing ‘demeaning word’

  7. Summer of Scandal

  8. The EPA was destroying computer files way before those hacks at the IRS

  9. Secretary John Kerry In Cairo Says: “Obama Not Responsible For Unrest In Libya Or Iraq”… And The Muslim Brotherhood is Not A Security Challenge….

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. Ironic Timing – Rand Paul Outlines What We’ve Been Sharing: The U.S. Intentionally Armed ISIS in Syria…

  12. SWAT Team Decimated Empty House

  13. Quote Of The Day — June 23, 2014

  14. Report: ISIS Now Controls 70% Of Anbar Province In Iraq

  15. Presbyterian Church votes to divest in protest of Israeli policies

  16. Just Another Lie Revealed in the Lie of Manmade Climate Change

  17. Greta: Obama ‘Doesn’t Give A Damn’ About Marine Held In Mexican Prison « Pat Dollard

  18. Trey Gowdy’s hilarious dream about fellow politicians in heaven brings down the house

  19. The Straw that May Break the Establishment’s Back

  20. Walmart hands NY Times’ editors their own posteriors

  21. Is It Time to Stop all Muslim Immigration?

  22. Egypt court sentences three Al-Jazeera reporters to seven years each in prison

  23. Five Essential Items to Pack for Namibia

  24. Facing America’s Failure in Iraq

  25. Obama CAUGHT in Illegal Alien Conspiracy at the Mexican Border that helps PROVE Administration involved in Benghazi Video

  26. Obama schedule for Monday…

  27. This is how I want my week to go…

  28. Things I miss about Texas…

  29. Happy Flippin’ Monday

  30. Spiritual Weightlifting

  31. Reader Reacts To Democrats In Heaven Post

  32. Will There Be Democrats In Heaven? No!

  33. 7 Things to Keep in Mind as You Develop Your Strategy for Change

  34. Sudanese Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for Her Faith is Freed Following World Wide Outcry

  35. Kurdish Christians in Iraq: “A Prayer Movement” is Underway


  37. Will you be a Miracle Worker or will you be Offended?

  38. Note: Do Not Get Attacked at Wal-Mart

  39. The Definition Of A True Friend. Do You Qualify?

  40. LifeThought: You don’t need to be perfect to inspire people!

  41. Weekend Edition: Obama – American Agent of Islam (Part 2)

  42. Bush Was Right – Saddam Had WMD

  43. ‘We now foolishly breed our own jihadists’

  44. NZ: While self-defence is a crime,

  45. At last! A real judge:

  46. Declarations Of War

  47. Faith Leader’s Devastating Statistic About Obama’s Record That The Media Won’t Touch



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