My Article Read (6-21-2014)


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  1. Texas acts to secure border against unprecedented tidal wave of illegals

  2. Mass graves filled with remains of immigrants discovered in Texas

  3. Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies Suddenly at Age 49

  4. Police State in Indiana: Woman Assaulted, Stripped, Sprayed and Stranded for Hours

  5. Hey, asinine GOP, ready to take comedian Stephen Kruiser’s IRS scandal advice?

  6. ‘Think, please’: Actress Melissa Joan Hart seems a bit confused about gun laws

  7. Comedian Michael McDonald has career advice for the arrogant IRS chief

  8. Senile, Doddering Beltway GOP Begs Democrats to Support Thad Cochran in MS Primary

  9. The Evolving IRS Scandal…

  10. Do You Want To See What “Steadfast” Looks Like ?

  11. Dumber than dirt takes another pass at it

  12. Is Our Prez becoming a French king?

  13. From The ” GEE,NO SHIT ” File.

  14. Did She Really Just say That??

  15. Iraqi Troops Surrounded and Outgunned

  16. “The Smartest Man On The Planet” ?????

  17. John Boehner’s Dog and Pony Show

  18. Blessing in disguise! The sinking of 87-metre cargo ship Giannis D in the azure-blue waters of the Red Sea created a haven for divers

  19. Video: Angry Residents of Tiny Farm Town Take on the Obama Administration Over Controversial Plan — and Win | Video

  20. Rape victim confronts Hillary for taking her ‘through hell’ in ’75: ‘I hear you on the tape laughing’

  21. Congressman Stockman introduces hilarious ‘The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act!’

  22. Breaking news on Egyptian civil unrest –

  23. Only in America…

  24. Obama’s Federal Gestapo is Going Down – Capitol Hill Outsider

  25. Elijah Cummings, With IRS, Targeted Tea Party Group True The Vote –

  26. Sure it’s a coincidence: Lerner’s PC “crashed” 10 days after congressional inquiry

  27. Paul Ryan to #IRS commissioner: “No one trusts you.”

  28. Nancy Pelosi: I pray for Republicans ‘every Sunday’

  29. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 6/21/14

  30. Suspended Fruit

  31. Sincere Listening Equals Caring! | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  32. More Concern for the Dead Than the Living

  33. My Daughter’s Answered Prayer to Clearer Vision

  34. The Lord says, I Am Doing, beyond your Understanding

  35. Do Churches Fail Our Children?

  36. Weekend Edition: Obama – American Agent of Islam (Part 1)

  37. Summer Solstice in Chicago

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