My Article Read (6-18-2014)


newspaper, glass1


  1. Bad News: Obama Tanking – Worse News: NBC Reports Obama Tanking….

  2. Samantha Power: Benghazi Suspect Was Planning More Terrorist Attacks Against Americans

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. ‘Yes! Finally!’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ actor cheers USPTO’s Redskins decision

  5. ‘SO STUPID!’ GOP Sen. Corker wants to help raise the gas tax

  6. ‘DAMMIT BOBBY’: Jindal withdraws La. from Common Core standards, catches heat

  7. Did Obama really lose Chuck Todd? See what he said about Obama’s presidency

  8. Efficient as ever, Hillary Clinton attacks 1st and 2nd amendments in one sentence

  9. The Line between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 2)

  10. Obama’s Last Card

  11. Happy Days Are Gone Again…by Bob Mack

  12. Obama’s Arrest of The Benghazi Suspect Is A Proven Scandal

  13. School is out; please drive carefully

  14. Applied Ebonics

  15. Someone asked Brigitte Gabriel about so-called “peaceful” Muslims and got an outstanding answer…

  16. Chuck Todd: WSJ/NBC Poll “Disaster for the President”…

  17. An award from Political Clown Parade…

  18. You Threw In The Towel Too Early

  19. Rushed Relationships

  20. Always

  21. This is What Happens When We Worship the Lord

  22. Neglecting What’s Good is a Cancer to Defeat!

  23. Was Bonhoeffer Right? Is There a Cost to Discipleship?

  24. Justina Pelletier Finally Allowed to Come Home Following Her Parents’ 16-Month Battle with Hospital and Courts to Regain Custody

  25. ~Don’t Hide Your Scars~

  26. The Great Revealing and Manifestation!

  27. What is the Greatest Witness to Lost Family?

  28. Twins for Your Barrenness and Double for Your Shame…

  29. A King for Christmas


  31. Green Energy for Dead Vets

  32. American Public Tells Barack Obama – “It’s Over – YOU’RE DONE”

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