My Article Read (6-16-2014) (6-17-2014)


newspaper, glass


  1. Hello world!

  2. Death Panels at the Veterans Affairs Health Care system?

  3. Socialist Terminators of the American Dream

  4. TIME Magazine’s Tyrants of the Year

  5. Update: Bikers Ride to Mexico to Free Andrew Tahmooressi

  6. ISIS Moving Closer to Baghdad

  7. ‘That’s exactly what this is’: EPA admin proudly admits waging War on Coal

  8. ‘Pres. Obama, really?’ Martha MacCallum isn’t buying what he’s selling (because he’s a liar)

  9. US Embassy in Baghdad evacuated? Here’s a spin suggestion, Obama. And some hard truth

  10. CNN Wants You to Stop Voting for Candidates You Agree With

  11. An Australian’s open letter to Obama

  12. The Line between Realty & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 1)

  13. Dems can’t even get a Flag Day picture right: ‘Celebration’ turns into mockery instead

  14. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  15. James Woods back with a vengeance: Who could support this loser anymore? . . . ‘Impeach him and move on’

  16. Hillary group proclaims she’s guided by the Bible; Twitter roars with total disbelief

  17. Something to think on…

  18. Turning Tail

  19. The End Of The Invisible Season

  20. Why Aren’t Christian Churches More Committed to Making Disciples?

  21. Children of God Coming Together In Unity!

  22. Religious Freedom — An Oxymoron

  23. Rubbish

  24. Truth

  25. For Tea Party – – Politics WIN, Social Issues Lose

  26. Gun Control is Tyranny

  27. The religion of peace in action.

  28. Helen Clark crony Tizard can go screw herself.

  29. Echoes and ghosts. And a traitor.

  30. ‘So thankful’! Duck Dynasty’s Jep and Jessica Robertson visit Walter Reed [pic]

  31. ‘Incompetent demonic lunatic’: Harry Reid accuses Senate GOP of ‘insulting’ our troops

  32. Cindy McCain: ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ (Don’t let FLOTUS see it.) [pic]

  33. ‘Nicely done’: Senator Tim Scott knows memes

  34. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  35. Prayers for North East Nebraska – Rare Dual Tornado Hits Town of Pilger…

  36. U.S. Captures Ahmed Abu Khattala – One Of The Benghazi Ringleaders Who Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens

  37. Squeezing the Balloon

  38. #IRS email epidemic claims six more victims: truth, common sense hardest hit

  39. Bookshelf update — Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department

  40. Romney on Iraq: “Our foreign policy is run by bumbling incompetents”

  41. The Greatest Father’s Day Gift Ever

  42. Harry Reid proudly declines invite to Redskins game; fans show him the door


  44. Two opposing views of Iraq…

  45. Nancy Pelosi (“ardent Catholic”) schools Archbishop Cordileone and Wild Bill schools liberals about Christians…

  46. Ditto, Colonel West!

  47. Down The Drain

  48. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 6/17/14

  49. Robin McMillan: Mighty Works: A Key To Saving Our …

  50. The Bigger They Are . . .

  51. For Thou, O Lord

  52. Are You Becoming Like Noah?

  53. Let God And Flow With God

  54. Dutch Sheets: God Is Not Done With America


  56. Is Discipleship the Focus of Most Churches?

  57. The Anointing Destroys the Yoke and brings Truth!

  58. Dead Giveaway: Charles Ramsey and Moral Objectivity

  59. Come run and sail away with me!

  60. Khattala Captured? Isn’t THAT Convenient???

  61. Nebraska

  62. To the creeps running the VA:

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