My Article Read (6-14-2014)




  1. Stephen Fry on surveillance: there is something squalid and rancid about being spied on » David Icke

  2. Allen West: Obama Impeachment Should ‘Absolutely’ Be On The Table

  3. A Veteran’s Take on Obama’s Handling of Iraq

  4. Why No Air Power Over Iraq?

  5. Today is Flag Day

  6. Where is the REAL Apartheid in the Middle East?

  7. ‘Another win for Bing’: Google blows off Flag Day, Army’s birthday with World Cup doodle [pics]

  8. Important warning for NRA employees: Moby says Satan is getting ready for you

  9. Gene Simmons’ America-loving Father’s Day plans get an ‘Amen to that!’

  10. Traffic Jam in Etosha National Park, Namibia

  11. Obama Caught In Failed Agitprop Operation Over Benghazi Video

  12. BUSTED: Media Fails to Mention Vegas Shooters Involvement in “Occupy Movement”

  13. Your Child Has No Future If They Stay In the US

  14. America’s Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq

  15. In Honor Of Our Country – And Her Flag!

  16. The Truth About the IRS Scandal? The Computer Ate It

  17. 5 Disastrous Obama Policy Decisions That Have Already Blown Up In His Face

  18. IRS says it lost 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails due to crash; Ted Cruz has a question . . .

  19. Busted: IRS Commissioner testified on video Lois Lerner emails were archived

  20. Daughter of first American killed in Afghanistan learns freed Taliban leader was behind it

  21. Are Liberal Groups Destroying the Moral Fabric of America?

  22. Pregnant Chelsea Clinton actually appeared in public in this “outfit”…

  23. While The World Burns…..

  24. Sandie Freed: You Can Be Fearless About The Possibility of Lack…

  25. The Wrecking Ball

  26. What Did Jesus Mean When He Said “Make Disciples?”

  27. Dinosaurs: One of the Most Powerful Arguments Against Evolution

  28. The More you Pray, the More Revelation!

  29. If God Doesn’t Change His Mind…Why Pray?

  30. Public education as child abuse

  31. Are you in Poverty or are you a Pauper

  32. Jawohl, mein Fuhrer!

  33. Charlie Teo and the cyclists:

  34. BREAKING: Bill Introduced to Impeach Eric Holder

  35. BOOM: Top Democrat Says “Even I’ve Had Enough” of Obama


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