My Article Read (6-12-2014)




  1. High school high? Obama tells students he can’t remember his graduation experience

  2. Joe Perry’s wife knows the way to her husband’s heart: Elvis’ gun

  3. ‘You tell ‘em!’ Newt Gingrich crushes Obama on Iraq with one devastating point

  4. Exploring Al-Qa’ida’s Russian Connection

  5. #Benghazi attackers used State Dept. phones the night of the attack

  6. Rut Roh – During Bergdahl Hearing DOD Counsel Stephen Preston Outlines 1993 Bill Clinton Lie About Prisoner Exchange for Michael Durrant (Somalia – “Black Hawk Down”)

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. Late Night Question

  9. Today in History – June 12th

  10. Profile in Insanity

  11. In Case You Missed It….

  12. Hagel Admits Obama Broke the Law in Taliban Release

  13. Navy SEAL Thom Shea: ‘We didn’t give up five to get Bowe Bergdahl. There’s another deal in play.’

  14. Cantor Fell Because He Wouldn’t Fight the Good Fight

  15. Tea Party Rising

  16. Obama Endorses Australian-Style Gun Confiscation – Patriot Update

  17. Obama Tells Students They Can Bullshit Their Way Through Humanities Classes…

  18. Namibia Safari Starts Today

  19. Stockman warns Congress: Defy the grassroots and Cantor’s fate may await you

  20. This Is How Tea Party Conservatives Are Responding To Eric Cantor’s Primary Loss

  21. George Clooney Stands Up Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

  22. Obama: Al Qaeda is “on the run”…

  23. What could possibly be next??…

  24. Blood On Their Hands

  25. Hey Congress!

  26. Defending The Indefensible

  27. The Dinar Delusion

  28. God Will Connect the Dots!

  29. Let Heaven Fill Your Thoughts

  30. Do our ideas taint our experiences?

  31. Your Coming Verdict

  32. Living A Life Of Memories

  33. For the Sake of Others

  34. Growing Churches Make Demands On Their Members


  36. Is Allah and The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Same God?

  37. The History of Valentine’s Day

  38. You were Made for a Time such as This!

  39. Love Your Dad? Then Watch This.

  40. LifeThought: Not all of your thoughts are true!

  41. Garlic. Oak stake. Hammer.

  42. Harry Reid endorses “none of the above”

  43. 4,000+ dead. For what?

  44. An absolute disgrace

  45. News – Indiana Public Media | Legislators Gather To Push For A Constitutional Convention


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