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  1. ‘Can this be real?’ Read the most insane protest against restaurant tipping ever [photo]

  2. ‘Leadership fraudfest’: Eric Bischoff rips into President Obama and Hillary Clinton

  3. ‘When does it stop?’ Mr. T wants ‘criminal charges’ brought in VA scandal

  4. ‘Interesting’ Sen. James Inhofe graphic: ‘It is time for [Obama] to go’

  5. ‘Bad, bad guys’: Taliban leaders released in return for captive US soldier set off alarms

  6. Guest Post From Myrtle Beach Resident – “A City Under Siege”

  7. Turning of the Tide? White officer sues for racial discrimination in NY and wins

  8. SpForces Retrieve PFC Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban – Exchanged for 5 Gitmo Prisoners

  9. Pastor Umar Mulinde: Attacked by Muslims With Acid: To Jews, Do Not Give Up Land For Peace

  10. Some stories are so sick and so big that Big Brother will kill to cover them up

  11. Obama’s West Point Blues

  12. Another Unexpected Resignation Rocks The Obama Administration

  13. WATCH: Congresswoman Pushes Witness To Brink Of Tears In VA Scandal Hearing

  14. I Want to Drink All Day & Party All Night

  15. Are You Ready to Rock Riviera Maya

  16. Flowers that look like birds

  17. This lifted my spirits…

  18. News From Marsha 5/31/14

  19. Your Final Passage

  20. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: ‘If We Don’t Turn To God At A Pretty Rapid Clip, We’re Going To Lose The United States Of America’

  21. Christian Community Development–A Method for Making Disciples

  22. God’s Spiritual Wisdom

  23. The Wealth of the Wicked will Fall into My People’s Hands!

  24. What Was the Sin of Sodom?

  25. 6 Social Media Marketing Myths You NEED To Know

  26. Daniel Greenfield hits one out of the park

  27. Socialist nonsense:

  28. Very cool

  29. Democrats Warn “All Is Lost” If Republicans Win Senate In 2014

  30. We Had No Idea That This Place Even Existed. What’s Even More Surprising Is WHO Created It

  31. USA Today and Rick Perry Agree – Team Obama Drummed Up “Saving Private Bergdahl” As Cover For VA Scandal

  32. D-Day vet snubs Obama, turns down private invite: ‘I just couldn’t convince myself to do it’

  33. ‘Classless’ Obama chomps on gum at D-Day ceremonies; ‘quelle horreur,’ cry the French

  34. Disturbing Facts Revealed About the Bergdahls

  35. Bob: Obama Joins the Taliban

  36. Remember when America had a real president?

  37. (Video) Tired of being a wimp? Time to Putincize!!

  38. ‘Spoiler alert’: Here’s why Rob Lowe thinks retiring Jay Carney’s timing ‘is impeccable’

  39. ‘I get to follow you for a change’: Tweeters spy comedy gold in CIA’s ‘best first tweet ever’

  40. EXCLUSIVE: Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity, secret documents show , secret documents show

  41. My Biggest Travel Dream is About to Come True!

  42. Remembering D-Day 70 Years Later

  43. Why Team Obama Was Blindsided by the Bergdahl Backlash

  44. (Video) Barack Obama: evil, or stupid?

  45. What’s it gonna be America? LIBERTY OR DEATH?

  46. Susan Rice: Just because I deliver wrong information to Americans ‘doesn’t make me a liar’

  47. Bam! Rand Paul says let’s swap Pelosi, Kerry, Hillary, and two more Dems to Mexico next

  48. Saturday…

  49. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (GNV)

  50. Truths from Jonathan Welton

  51. HOLD THE LINE!!!

  52. This Is The Single Biggest Reason Obama Hasn’t Been Impeached, But It Could Change Now

  53. Obamacare penalties to slam low-income Americans

  54. Why I Stand with the Tea Party…by Samiam60

  55. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  56. Smidgen Alert ! IRS Lois Lerner Sent DOJ Eric Holder A Massive (and Illegal) Database Listing Of Tax Exempt Groups In October of 2012…

  57. Troubling Things – President Obama Called Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi With Congratulations on Same Day of Election – For El SiSi Victory He Waits Two Weeks….

  58. Grave dancer Markos Moulitsas blames conservatives for deadly Ore. school shooting

  59. (Video): Andrew Klavan on “The Crisis of Fake Global Warming”

  60. White House Now Says Hagel Made Final Call on Bergdahl

  61. Vote Republican? (Guest Commentary)


  63. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 6/9/14

  64. Pixie Dust Faith when God told us to have Faith as…

  65. Press The Pause Button On Your Life


  67. Philippians 4:6 Be Anxious for Nothing


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