My Article Read (5-30-2014)



    1. ‘Aggressively ignorant’: Rep. Corrine Brown wigs out, says Fla. VA is ‘doing fine’ Truth begs to differ

    2. Teaching fools some basic rules: ‘Mr. T is TICKED’ about VA’s disgraceful treatment of veterans

    3. Former ‘Ghost Hunter’ Kris Williams sees VA scandal as peek at future of Obamacare

    4. ‘Gwyneth Paltrow is a joke’: Cindy McCain blasts actress for what she compared to surviving war

    5. 60 Dead Veterans left to rot in LA County Morgue for 18 months while Obama Gets Photo Op in Afghanistan

    6. Government Considered Using Military to Defeat Cliven Bundy

    7. Watch Obama’s ‘icy’ reception at West Point everyone’s talking about

    8. ManGod: Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals

    9. Eric Cantor: The Amazing Adventures of Cantor and Gutierrez – Virginia Primary June 10

    10. Chuck Norris: Why The US Government Doesn’t Care About Veterans and What You Can Do About It

    11. Meet the White House Commies

    12. Truth, Justice and the Obama Way?

    13. Pelosi channels Whoopie Goldberg on the #VAscandal: It’s not really a scandal-scandal…

    14. Racist Elephants

    15. Late Night House VA Hearing Highlights ….

    16. All Your Children Are Belong To Us – Father Arrested For Having 16-year-old Move Rocks As PT Discipline

    17. Ex-NFL Star: More Law-Abiding Citizens with Guns Could Have Stopped CA Attacks

    18. God Knew

    19. Christ in Us

    20. Pope Francis’ visit to Israel

    21. On the way to a UNIVERSAL CHURCH?

    22. Getting back the years that Satan stole from you.

    23. Green Beret clarifies difference between war and twitter for Gwyneth Paltrow

    24. Why incumbents keep winning


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