My Article Read (5-28-2014)




  1. Comic Marlon Wayans has the ‘eye of the tiger’ for his performance in Kuwait [pics]

  2. “Of course’: You’ll never guess how @BarackObama marked Maya Angelou’s death [pic]

  3. ‘Righteous anger’! Proud vet Montel Williams shreds gov’t over VA scandal

  4. ‘Floodgates open’: Calls for Shinseki’s resignation or firing mount

  5. 3 Armed Robberies in 10 Days after Restaurant’s Gun Ban

  6. CCTV Surveillance Video Inside Hotel Of Myrtle Beach Massacre – Police Asking For Help Identifying Suspect (Video)

  7. West Point Gives President Obama an “Icy Reception” ? – Not Surprising Considering He Tells Them Their Challenge Will Be To Confront “Climate Change”…

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Seattle: $15 minimum wage already costing jobs

  10. Illegal Aliens Pass Contagious Scabies to Border Patrol Agents on Texas Border: 1000 Illegals Per Day, Too Many To Screen

  11. Elliot Rodger Manifesto Cliff Notes: A Sack of Heads to be Dumped in the Street of Isla Vista

  12. Veterans’ bodies left to rot in L.A. morgue

  13. Peggy Noonan: This Obama character seems increasingly dishonest and devious to me « Hot Air

  14. Airline bumps Fox news giant for govt. official and gets spanked!

  15. America’s Sunset Years…

  16. Water Bums at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

  17. Happy birthday, Julia

  18. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 5/28/14

  19. Phenomenal Woman

  20. Closer to the Reset

  21. Is Overt Evangelism God’s Plan?

  22. Be Independent Yet Needy. That’s Not a Conflict!

  23. Faith, Works, and Christ

  24. Summer series note (Religious experience)

  25. Four Blood Moons – What nobody is talking about!

  26. Pages Of Destiny

  27. Montel Williams–Former Marine and TV Personality–Powerful Impromptu Speech to Fellow Veterans: “We’re at war! Guys are still dying! How dare this nation treat us this way!”

  28. Military Chaplain: “What I saw was not a battalion licking its wounds, but it looked like a group of men who walked through the Red Sea” Rocket Propelled Grenades Even Seemed to Go around the Men

  29. Was Jesus God in the Flesh?

  30. God Said “This Dream Shall Now Come To Pass!”

  31. 2014′s Most Inspiring Poem. Prepare To Smile.

  32. Here’s A Memorial Day Idea, Washington: Stop Killing Our Warriors

  33. Neglecting Veterans and Letting them Die Becomes Official Democrat Party Policy

  34. Outing a CIA Station Chief??? Nice Try but…

  35. Kim and John and Barack and the Hollywood Connection

  36. Google loves Rachel

  37. Google Celebrates the 20th Century’s Greatest Female Mass Murderer, Rachel Carson

  38. Bawaaahahaha!

  39. West Point Grads Give Obama Tepid Welcome – Most Refuse To Stand For President

  40. Barack Obama Rips Female Reporter For Daring To Ask Question On Syria (VIDEO)

  41. You’ll Be Proud Of How These Citizens Respond When They See A Mall Flying The U.S. Flag Upside Down

  42. Family Gets More Than They Bargained For After Calling 911



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