My Article Read (5-17-2014) (5-18-2014)




  1. Patient Number 3 – Illinois

  2. Oh What A Tangled Web Is Weaved….. Remember The Inmarsat Satellite Data ?…. It’s Now “Missing”…

  3. Due To Backlash Suntrust Bank and Financial Services Reverses Position – But Why Do People Accept A Reversal ?

  4. ‘Revolting’: Blogger accused of taking pic of senator’s bedridden wife stirs ‘disgust’

  5. George W. Bush says goodbye to beloved first dog Miss Beazley

  6. Did 13 Benghazis Happen Under George Bush?

  7. Hillary’s Glasses the Clue to the Extent of Her Head Injury?

  8. I Was Just About to Pull My Money Out of SunTrust Banks

  9. Don’t know whether to send congratulations or condolences

  10. Happy Armed Forces Day

  11. Tony Stewart: ‘I’m doing my part to combat global warming’ Dale Earnhardt Jr. supports

  12. Colion Noir – You’re Anti Gun, But You’re The Problem…

  13. Blood On Their Hands

  14. Prophetic Dreams

  15. SunTrust Reverses Decision On Conservative Benham Brothers

  16. Exclusive: SunTrust Cuts Business Ties With Benham Brothers After Conservative Views Attacked

  17. It Is Time To Start Moving Again

  18. Holding On To This Weight

  19. The Company of the Committed: Elton Trueblood’s Missional Church

  20. 3 Keys To A Sincere Apology

  21. You CAN Go The Distance! is 6 months old!

  22. Friday Fume

  23. Francis Porretto:

  24. The poor wee darlings!

  25. Obama is golfing today. Yesterday he spun his skanky ass all over a counter where people have to eat food…

  26. To fight police brutality, Albuquerque police promote cop who burned off man’s ear

  27. Federal health-care subsidies may be too high or too low for more than 1 million Americans

  28. Twitter explodes after liberal author compares US soldiers to suicide bombers

  29. Jake Tapper blows up at White House: ‘How many dead veterans do you need?’

  30. Four Cops Tase Man To Death In A Parking Lot

  31. Mr. President, lets have a Real Conversation about Racism in America

  32. Cast of ‘Expendables 3′ send message to kidnappers of Nigerian schoolgirls [pic]

  33. ‘McCainenstein’ attends Arizona Diamondbacks game [GIFs]

  34. ‘Can’t speak for himself?’ Aide says Obama is ‘madder than hell’ about Veterans Affairs scandal

  35. Trey Gowdy Must Be Over The Target – Dianne Feinstein Calls Benghazi Select Committee A “Lynch Mob”…

  36. ObamaCare Still Cannot Verify Income – Subsidies Given to Non-Eligible

  37. Armed Forces Days and Prayer Request for a Retired Airman and Blogger

  38. Hillary’s “Rebels” At It Again – Benghazi Airport Closed As At Least 75 Die In Libyan Fighting – Fighting spreads to Tripoli…. Brink of Civil War ?

  39. Buddy Dive Resort – The Best Overall Resort in Bonaire

  40. Another ‘Climate McCarthyism bombshell’, leaked memo shows concern within ranks on ‘professional ethics’ of climate science

  41. A Different Perspective

  42. To Better Understand…

  43. Veterans scandal risks engulfing Obama

  44. Let Go – Take the Ride!

  45. The Lord says: Blessed are they who NEED Him….

  46. Stop that Foolishness, says the Lord

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