My Article Read (5-8-2014)




  1. FEC Chairman: Democrats Seeking to Muzzle Conservative Media

  2. Why Hasn’t Hillary Clinton Been “Disappeared” Already?

  3. Tea Party Has Not Yet Begun To Fight

  4. To Those Old “Elephants” – It’s Time To GO!!

  5. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  6. The Larger Issue – Unsecured Libyan Weapons Went to Boko Haram

  7. ‘Priorities’? Self-awareness is hard: Benghazi-mocking Mo. state rep doubles down on idiocy

  8. ‘Constant poisonous twerp’! Pissy Piers Morgan tells Larry King to stop ‘bitching’

  9. ‘F*cking cretins’: Comedian Stephen Kruiser tears into libs for Benghazi ‘jokes’

  10. ‘Making fun of dead Americans’: Dems’ Benghazi ‘jokes’ are out of control

  11. Resist we much!

  12. Letter from a farm kid

  13. (Video) #Benghazi Rep. Gowdy asks some darned fine questions

  14. The Slow-Motion Train Wreck of Entitlement Programs

  15. FEC Chair Vows to Fight FEC Liberals Wanting to Regulate Conservative Media: Selective Enforcement

  16. New Born Jamie Ogg, Declared Dead, Comes Back to Life in Mother’s Arms After 2 Hours of Kangaroo Care

  17. 2 Million Bikers to DC 9-11 Honor Ride Is Just Four Months Away New in 2014, a Biker Distress Fund & Concert

  18. Hillary Clinton Showed Disdain for Guns in Benghazi & Promises to “Rein” in Founders – Gun Rights Too Lenient in US

  19. Dem cracks a flip joke about Benghazi; James Woods, Dana Loesch, others step up to shred her

  20. Trey Gowdy to Nancy Pelosi: Check your math, elections have consequences

  21. I hear the Lord say: “RUN, Gene RUN”

  22. Discover, Develop, Deploy

  23. HGTV Pulls New Home-Flipping Series After Report Emerges that they are Christians who oppose abortion and Same Sex Marriage.

  24. Have you heard what is is happening: Living Proof Indianapolis

  25. Take God’s Supernatural Highway

  26. So You Took the Wrong Road

  27. How To Change The World!

  28. Hobby Lobby President Campaigns for Public School Bible Courses

  29. Rise Up Oh Sons of the Mighty!

  30. Is Benghazi a Made Up Scandal? Skyes the Limit

  31. Albuquerque Residents Vow to Storm Another City Council Meeting

  32. Obama Birth Certificate Shocker: Evidence that Loretta Fuddy Was Paid Off?


  34. The Truth about the Benghazi COVER UP…by Judge Jeanine

  35. Sen. Schumer emerges as surprise key player in Benghazi scandal – National Conservative

  36. Where I’ve Been – This is Life in Bonaire

  37. Random: Hey! I fell down and can’t get up…

  38. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 5/8/14

  39. Thomas Piketty-Neo-Marxist drooling idiot

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