My Article Read (5-7-2014)




  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Mexican Cartels: They’re Here

  3. Cinco de Mayo a Red Flag Day in California

  4. ‘What will the climate-deniers make of this??’ Bette Midler spouts off about climate change … again

  5. Harry Reid continues cuckoo pants Koch obsession; Blames for climate change

  6. ‘So much for civility’: ‘Heartless’ Sally Kohn compares Benghazi murders to Lewinsky scandal

  7. ‘Big win for GOP establishment’: AP calls North Carolina Republican Senate primary for Thom Tillis

  8. Jury Nullification

  9. Exclusive: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA

  10. The Obama Bird Genocide Is Out of Control

  11. Student Claims Her Professor Warned ‘Ted Cruz-Supporting Teabaggers to Get the Hell Out of His Classroom’ or Leave in a ‘Body Bag’ | Video

  12. Watcher of Weasels Nominations – Inequality Blues Edition

  13. Your tax dollars at work: EPA staffer paid $120k per year while watching porn at work

  14. Yep! That’s IT!

  15. As The Climate Changes

  16. Regarding communion…again… Thurmond Duke

  17. earthquake hits north Thailand and Buddha looses head…


  19. Have You Ever Felt Misunderstood?

  20. Benghazi emails: Proof Obama White House put politics ahead of truth.

  21. God said….

  22. Removing the Power of Offense

  23. Carman Returns From Decade-Long Music Hiatus, Despite Ongoing Cancer Battle

  24. A Christian Is As A Christian Does

  25. A Word for Women Only

  26. Ready To Happy cry? These Stories From 50 Years of Marriage Will Make Your Day!

  27. Liberal Benghazi Deniers About to Face the Music

  28. Make no mistake, it’s coming, worldwide.

  29. “Global Suckers”

  30. “unconfirmed rumor”

  31. Dem cracks a flip joke about Benghazi; James Woods, Dana Loesch, others step up to shred her

  32. Trey Gowdy Turns the Tables on Pelosi & Company With This Dose of Reality



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