My Article Read (5-6-2014)





  1. Heritage Foundation Comes Out Against Police State

  2. John Podesta to Congress: Barack Obama Can Unilaterally Destroy Economy & You Can’t Stop Him

  3. New Anonymous Message to Barack Obama: Do You See What We See?

  4. The Beginning of the End for the Leaders Of The Free World…Humanity Awakens!

  5. Shocker: U.S. Weapons Showing Up in the Hands of Terrorists – Katie Pavlich

  6. Trey Gowdy Benghazi: Witnesses Had Courage to Come Forward – Systemic Effort to Intentionally Hide Records

  7. Another First for Oklahoma: 1st State East of Rockies to Issue Warning of Quake Over 5.0

  8. Obama Infected with Strassmeir Syndrome

  9. Leading the Charge: Trey Gowdy talks about the upcoming select committee on Benghazi with Greta Van Susteren…

  10. #Ukraine: someone may well be shot for this

  11. It’s ALL About Control

  12. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Supernatural isn’t being realistic…

  13. The Power of Sincere Love

  14. The Synoptic Puzzle Meets My Word Processor

  15. 9 Scriptural Tests for Judging Supernatural Experiences

  16. Ready! Fire! Aim! Do Something Even If It’s Wrong

  17. PLAGUES coming upon AMERICA – Pt. 2

  18. People think they can SHUT God up?

  19. An Encouraging Email from a Blessed Assurance Reader

  20. He Murdered Her Only Son. Now He Lives Next Door. What!?

  21. Occupied America

  22. Nigel Farage Does The Alleged Impossible

  23. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  24. Universal Hollywood Date


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