NBC,ABC,CBS, all gloss over new, overwhelming evidence of Benghazi cover up.

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CBS Moves on From Benghazi E-Mails Suggesting White House Cover-Up; NBC Glosses Over the Controversy

On Wednesday evening, ABC and NBC finally reported e-mails suggesting a White House post-Benghazi cover-up, although NBC’s report ignored the suggestion of a cover-up. After reporting the story on Wednesday morning, CBS ignored it in the evening.

While the ABC World News covered the e-mails in-depth, the NBC Nightly News only offered a news brief and skirted over key details like the purpose of the e-mails, which, as ABC reported, “suggest the White House blamed the attacks on an anti-Islamic video in order to deflect criticism of the President’s policies.”

The prime e-mail in question was sent from then-White House strategic communications adviser Ben Rhodes to then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice instructing her to disseminate what were later proved to be false talking points: “to underscore…

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