Bundy Ranch Rebellion- A stand against cultural decline

This is a New Zealanders point of view about the Bundy Ranch Rebellion.


Nevada cowboys face down Obama's paramilitary thugs Nevada cowboys face down Obama’s paramilitary thugs While NZ blithely continues to bask in the warmth of the progressive autumn, big things are happening in the US and these events will hopefully be the spark we have all been waiting for. At the Bundy ranch in Nevada, a heavily armed federal government paramilitary force was repelled by the people.

After issuing threats that the protesters would need to have their funeral insurance paid up, the feds retreated from the confrontation, backing down the narrow country road behind riot shields when cowboys on horses and carrying “don’t tread on me flags” faced them down.

Now I haven’t been too active on this blog lately, and part of the reason for this is that I haven’t really found any issue that I feel passionate enough about to write on. However the Bundy ranch rebellion, and the widespread failure of so many to…

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