My Article Read (3-29-2014) (3-30-2914)


newspaper, guy


  1. My Husband is Not My Prince Charming

  2. Hurting black America

  3. Review of Movie “Noah” with an Artist’s Eye: 5 Lemons out of 5 Lemons

  4. CommonCore: Oklahoma’s Jenni White on Glenn Beck with Dana Loesch: Wake Up Parents, It’s The Textbooks!

  5. Niger Innis: Break Up Teacher’s Unions, “Educate a Black Kid – Innis Response to White Privilege Conference

  6. 5.1-Magnitude Quake Strikes La Habra An Hour After Smaller Temblor « CBS Los Angeles

  7. ‘This Is Dangerous’: Dana Loesch Has a Dire Warning for Progressives Over ‘Hobby Lobby’ Case

  8. Dana Perino: ‘In their wildest dreams’ did New Yorkers think they’d be holding this sign?

  9. Michelle Malkin predicts plan behind Dems’ ‘Corruption Crackdown Kabuki Theater’

  10. Macy’s feels heat for treatment of young Afghanistan War vet during employment interview

  11. GRAY: A call to action- America can demand a better government than we have

  12. GRAY: To the Democrats and GOP: A pox on both your houses

  13. Give me liberty or give me identity politics

  14. America, revolution is at hand

  15. Wild Bill: Will Obama try and declare martial law?…

  16. RIP Noel Sheppard

  17. Delta Airline Employees Honor the Military…

  18. #HSR: Jerry Brown’s high-speed choo-choo not so high-speed

  19. This Weeks News From Marsha

  20. Friday Fume

  21. Consumers, Consumed, or Christian Disciples

  22. God’s Not Dead: Hercules and Superman – Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  23. Get into the Boat

  24. MR. PRESIDENT…..

  25. The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared?

  26. County Commissioner Will Take Jail Over Being Denied Her Religious Rights

  27. New York Town Ground Zero for Religious Freedom Fight

  28. Wow This Is Despicable: Wayne Dupree Viciously Attacked For … Being Black! » The Right Scoop –

  29. EXCLUSIVE — Mr. President, Tear Down This Website

  30. D.C. Clothesline Blocked for Porn?

  31. Nolte On Noah: Movie Made ‘For The Sinister Propose Of Leading People To Believe That Christianity And Judaism Are Something They Are Not’ « Pat Dollard

  32. Obamacare: We pull the plug so you don’t have to

  33. Ecclesiastes 9:10-12 (GNV)

  34. Word for 3-30-14

  35. The Road We Must Travel

  36. A Simple Idea: Getting the Greatest Bang for the Buck

  37. What Was the Sin of Sodom?

  38. John Lennon was no Atheist – and you Don’t have to Imagine what the world would be like without Faith in God… we have examples in real life and it’s not pretty

  39. Catch Up

  40. And that little whisper will eventually move mountains.

  41. Fred on white guys:

  42. Warmists pull their heads in

  43. It’d ruin the fishing, too:

  44. Innsbruck, Austria – One of the Most Naturally Beautiful Places I’ve Been

  45. Video: Gunman invades Dollar General, meets concealed carry permit holder



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