My Article Read (3-24-2014)




  1. Increased US Spec Forces Hunt Joseph Kony Under War Powers, 1 US Mil for Every Kony Follower – Uganda’s Harsh Anti-Gay Policy Not

  2. The Rumor: Freescale Employees on MH370 Owned Patents Inherited by Jacob Rothschild. Probably Not

  3. Melowese Richardson Poll Worker: ‘Kicked’ People “Into Submission,” Threatened to Kill Victim, Theft, DUI — Voter Fraud Jailed for 5 Yrs But Out in 8 Mos.

  4. Malaysia MH370 Captain Shah Received Untraceable Phone Call, SIM Card Purchased with Fake ID

  5. Aborted Babies Burned to Power Hospitals in UK

  6. Now the Rusyns want out

  7. Mark Levin- Obama Lawless, Arrogant, Radical & Incompetent

  8. Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and deputy summoned by federal judge | World news

  9. America in Decline

  10. Gun control measures met with defiance from law enforcement officers

  11. Popular ‘Obama as Mao’ shirts pulled from shops for Michelle’s China visit

  12. Obama most ‘well-traveled, expensive president’ in history, numbers reveal

  13. What are we to do?…

  14. 12 Tips for Coping When Life Gets the Best of You

  15. 65 Tips to Save Money Through Self-Reliance 

  16. Thought For Today

  17. Why being too busy makes us feel so good

  18. Doing the Stuff Network Update

  19. The Litany Of Humility

  20. Less Than Animals!

  21. Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’

  22. America is Now an Accessory to Genocide

  23. Christians Fight Muslims With Heavy Canons, Guns And Bravery In New Crusade

  24. God’s Mercy Toward Your Regrets

  25. Pope gives Pelosi pre-excommunication warning

  26. England adopts Sharia Law

  27. What is the purpose of the New Testament writings …

  28. “The Last Time I Heard Jerry Cook Speak”

  29. ‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Speaks Out Against Hollywood’s Christian Stigma

  30. The King is BACK!

  31. 10 Statements Everyone Needs to Hear

  32. LifeThought: Arrange whatever pieces come your way.

  33. It’s springtime in Wisconsin!

  34. Just like Christians in Africa and the M.E. then?

  35. Mr. Garner Goes To Wellington

  36. Piers Morgan CNN Show Collapse Summed Up In One Tweet….

  37. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  38. After Elevator Gets ‘Frozen,’ Firefighters Come Up with Clever Way to Rescue Scared 4-Year-Old Girl

  39. WATCH: Check Out Why This Hollywood Star Is Tearing Into Obama and Hollywood Liberals

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