My Article Read (3-21-2014)




  1. Dick Masten Crime Stoppers: Ate Tip in Court Rather Than Turn It Over – He’s Not Going to Jail

  2. Tulsa Public Schools: Hispanic Majority in 16 Schools: What Happened to Our TPS Logo? Islam? South America? YIKES!

  3. IRS Hires Ex-FBI Agent Who Was Fired From Bureau For Sharing Secrets

  4. Why Would the FBI Hide Information About A Plot To Use Snipers to Kill “Occupy Houston” Leaders?

  5. Too Busy to be President

  6. Fauxcahontas sending her Indian heritage down the memory hole?

  7. Spin begins in earnest for Jeb Bush presidential run

  8. Boehner tea party challenger J.D. Winteregg gaining support

  9. Issa Subpoenas ATF for Documents on Botched Sting Operations

  10. Friday Fume

  11. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 3/21/14

  12. What Devils Believe – Michael Cook

  13. Words that Changed my Life:

  14. Setting the record straight on Jesus, ‘the friend of sinners’

  15. God’s Not Dead

  16. How to Get Your Mind Back on Track

  17. ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’ Author Says Muslims Risk Everything to Follow Christ

  18. Do you need proof that Jesus heals today? I literally mean today.

  19. A medically confirmed miracle in Silicon Valley…the fire continues tonight

  20. The New Spiritual Life Assessment

  21. A New MINDSET Must Form!

  22. Blinded by the Light

  23. Grace Avenue UMC – Frisco

  24. 10 Steps to becoming a cool TechNO-mom

  25. 5 Things You Must Tell Your Kids Before You Die

  26. It’s Friday…

  27. Happy birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach

  28. Michael Barone’s last line will leave a mark

  29. Horsecrap:

  30. FFS!

  31. Too true to be funny:

  32. Say, Could This 80-Second Clip Help Explain Why the Majority of American People Disapprove of Obama?

  33. Man Expecting Quintuplets Gets a Big Surprise (Video)

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