My Article Read (3-20-2014)




  1. Happy vernal equinox

  2. Remember when wanting to delay Obamacare made you a racist?

  3. Sisterhood of the traveling bossy pants

  4. Russia Sanctions the Johns, McCain Boehner and Others

  5. Kevin Trudeau Barack Obama Promised Better Health: One Get 10 Yrs., One Gets The Oval Office – Both Do Infomercials

  6. Rush Limbaugh Chat With 777 Pilot: Lots of Foreign Nationals Flying for American Carriers Now

  7. Watchers of Weasels Council Nominations – Putinmania Edition

  8. Donate To Help Kill Children and Receive FREE Gift

  9. The 1 officer who stands between you and militarized police

  10. Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Has a New Website – One the Obama Admin. Won’t Like

  11. Is Press going too far in cooperating with government censorship requests?

  12. Amish Buggy Suspected in Hit-and-Run… Yes, You Read That Right! – ABC News

  13. See what happens when Gov. Scott Walker dares to tweet a Bible verse

  14. The ‘Obama is weak’ message is coming from our allies

  15. Michelle Obama’s Vacation Gets Treated Like A Secret Mission


  17. Sorry!

  18. Touched by the Holy

  19. Lawless in the Last Days

  20. An Appointment with God

  21. Reporter: WH Press Secretary Gets Questions from Reporters Before Press Briefing

  22. Part 2: We must restore Christ as the Lord of the Harvest

  23. The Father’s Wisdom

  24. What Are You Doing To Develop Relationships?

  25. BOOM! Local Reporter Goes On Record Regarding Collusion Between Media And Obama White House

  26. Pathetic. Obama White House Begs Local News Anchors To Let Him Plead For Obamacare

  27. Putin’s Brinksmanship -v- Obama’s Empty Threats

  28. Pelosi: “It’s the Affordable Care Act, not Obamacare” Is this woman certifiable?…

  29. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  30. SABO – @Unsavoryagents Provocateur…Currently “Blacklisted And Loving It.”

  31. More Common Core Crapmatics

  32. Tea Party “Write In” Candidate Wins Election In Pennsylvania

  33. Update on when Spring is expected to arrive in each…

  34. CNN’s dumbest news question, evar

  35. Demon-fearing Los Angeles city council blames fracking for earthquake

  36. Importing dangerous offal:

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