My Article Read (3-18-2014)



  1. Oklahoma Sheriffs Disarmed at State Capitol? No One Asked That Sheriffs Be Disarmed? Two Senators Offer Information

  2. Featured Weekly Blogs: We Are The Rightful Masters of Both Congress and The Courts

  3. Black Senior Forced To Choose: Obama Or Jesus.

  4. ATF Violates Court Order and Raids a Gun Store Anyway

  5. Shifting Focus From Malaysia Back to Obama’s Malaise

  6. We Aren’t Compatible

  7. Rules Are Rules!

  8. Book review: “Blessed Assurance” by Eric Douglas

  9. Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Patriarch, Grants New Jersey Man’s Amazing Request after He Drove 20 Hours to Robertson’s Church

  10. We must restore Christ as the Lord of the Harvest

  11. Are You Ready to Break the Traditions of Men?

  12. Pray for the Middle East, Africa and the USA

  13. Living Up To Our Label

  14. LifeThought: When you have the choice to be right or to be kind, always pick kind.

  15. LifeThought: An apple tree can’t eat its own apples.

  16. Top 7 Dog Breeds for People Fighting Depression

  17. Former WH Staffer On Obama Presidency: “Turn Out Lights, Because Party’s Over” (VIDEO)

  18. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  19. “Save money??” Data shows premiums soar under #Obamacare

  20. Tweet of the Day, #LAquake edition

  21. Crimean “election” and our feckless foreign policy

  22. Get a life!

  23. They’ll be doing Obama’s dirty work

  24. NRA opposition may sink Obama’s anti-gun surgeon general nominee

  25. Who are the ‘douchebags’? You won’t believe this Clemson, SC pub’s sneering sign slamming gun owners [pics]

  26. S.C. pub sparks outrage for sign calling gun owners losers

  27. Duck Dynasty Fans Fire Back At Former Supporter

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