My Article Read (2-26-2014)


  1. Harvard Columnist Warns University Free Speech Threatens Liberalism

  2. Eric Holder Says State AGs Can Ignore Anti-Same Sex Marriage Laws

  3. Global Warming Priestess Says it’s “About Government Not Science”

  4. Is Coca Cola Afraid to Run This Commercial in the US?

  5. If The NSA Admits The Data Is Insecure, Why Are They Permitted To Collect It?

  6. Liberals Try To Get Christians To Want To Be Forced To Submit To The Homosex Regime

  7. Why Obama is Uneducated

  8. Red states revel in the Great Tax Migration

  9. Oliver North, Allen West have plenty to say about troop cuts; ‘Bet Iran, Putin, China cheering’

  10. Surprise for Obama’s North American agenda

  11. An open letter to President Obama

  12. U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power Facing Criticism Over This Tweet

  13. ‘Truly disturbing’: Eric Holder says state AGs not obligated to defend laws they disagree with

  14. Murder in the Name of allah

  15. Will We Follow Their Example?

  16. Kent Simpson: There is a Purging Coming: Why You Should Embrace The Rivers of His roaring Flood…

  17. Signs You May Have A Gift Of Prophecy — Helen Calder…

  18. Will America Be Judged?

  19. Guarding Your Mind and Heart

  20. Antichrist: Could It Happen Again?

  21. Don’t let the IRS silence critics of President Obama’s policies

  22. How Practical Was Jesus?

  23. America Beware: Red Mud!

  24. Sen. Trey Gowdy responds to Susan Rice saying she acted on “best evidence at the time”…

  25. Dead Bankers piling up

  26. Twenty Things to do in the face of what could come

  27. Asking for trouble: the Obama-Hagel defense budget

  28. (Video) Senator Rubio makes a fool out Senator Harkin over Cuba

  29. Pass me a violin

  30. Tracey Barnett: Commie U.N. stooge with an agenda.

  31. Way to Go, Connecticut Gun Owners!





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