My Article Read (2-24-2014)


  1. Watch the Obama Corruption Flow

  2. The Liberal Media Is Not Omnipotent; Piers Morgan’s Show Is Ending

  3. Americans rising up against government: Column

  4. Ben Carson fires at liberal media out ‘to destroy anybody who is telling the truth’

  5. Sarah Palin shames ‘lamestream’ media: You wake the hell up when ‘Obama’s boot is on your neck’

  6. As Ukraine Gun Owners Call for Their Own Second Amendment, Former SCOTUS Justice Calls for Changing Ours

  7. Citizens United vows lawsuit against IRS

  8. Right Side Patriots Set to Spread the Word

  9. Don’t Feed Us This Mitt Again

  10. It Wasn’t Just Another Nightmare?

  11. It’s not all about you – mostly

  12. Teenage Sunday School: David, Bathsheba, and the commandment nobody takes seriously…

  13. Susan Rice: No regrets on Benghazi description.


  15. Four Meanings of Faith

  16. LifeThought: Don’t let the miracles that haven’t happened yet blind you to the ones that already have!

  17. Brand New Poll Confirms Obama Sucks

  18. Sergeant Major petulantly orders West Point grad to use more big words

  19. What would you think if #Obamacare were killing your mother?

  20. HUH?

  21. China, burning coal, will save us!

  22. ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Was this Samantha Power baffling Daniel Pearl tweet evil or stupid?

  23. Congressman Louie Gohmert: John Boehner Will Be Gone By January [Read]




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