My Article Read (1-23-2014)


  1. Wendy Davis Gave Up Two Children By Different Fathers: Lived in the Trailer  Park With Her Parents

  2. BOOM! ‘Top Secret’ Documents Implicate Obamas, Clintons

  3. Russia Places Ban On Islamic Fundamentalist Literature

  4. Stick and stones might break bones but big mouth Democratic governors do send people packing

  5. Tennessee Introduces Anti-NSA Legislation

  6. Guess what today is…

  7. Drinking with Bob: It’s not because you’re black. It’s because you suck…

  8. Why Do They Hate Children?

  9. Amazing: Fox News’ Brit Humes Makes Powerful Case for LIFE in Epic Anti-abortion Rant!

  10. The KEY to grasping the Real meaning of the book of Revelation…

  11. Standing Against the Storm of Compromise.

  12. Friend and Supporter of Israel: Israel Honors Martin Luther King Jr.

  13. “Look Again! A Move of God Has Begun”

  14. Roe v. Wade at 41

  15. The leftist cesspit:

  16. The Herald pushes repugnant Muslim garbage

  17. Kentucky Candidate Matt Bevin Fights The GOP MACHINE !

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