My Article Read (1-17-2014)


  1. Liberal Intolerance Says Only Liberals Can Marry Outside their Race and Wish Death to Conservatives

  2. Rape Jihad: Europe’s Muslims Name Their Rape Gangs “Take Your Turn”- Polish Men Send Message to Rapists

  3. Liberal Brookings Inst Finds Democrats Causing Gridlock: Forty Jobs Bills Stuck in Senate Today

  4. Starbucks: Obscenely Expensive Coffee Joint’s App Doesn’t Encrypt Your Data

  5. What Recovery? Sears And J.C. Penney Are DYING

  6. Obama approval hovers at around 40%

  7. Obama to urge NSA overhaul, end to agency’s phone data control – reports — RT News

  8. The Democrat Race Lie » Black & Right

  9. Flashback: ‘Most Dishonest Journalist Of Our Age’ Piers Morgan Fired For ‘Malicious’ Hoax Of Fake Iraqi Prisoner Abuse That Caused ‘So Much Damage’, Recruited Al Qaeda « Pat Dollard

  10. Letter questions whether Boehner was briefed on Benghazi ops

  11. Patriarch Of Russia Calls Out Obama

  12. Ted Cruz talks about Obamacare and gun control with Greta Van Susteren…

  13. Obama’s schedule for Friday…

  14. Obama admission: I’m a terrible communicator and can’t convince anyone that my policies make sense

  15. Lie Upon Lie Upon Lie

  16. Got My Weekly Newsletter

  17. Why I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  18. When You Don’t Think You’re Good Enough for a God-Given Opportunity

  19. Are You Positioned to Receive a Double Portion Prophetic Anointing?

  20. quit focusing on the drought

  21. Voting Ends for Egypt’s New Constitution–Christians: “This time our opinion matters”

  22. Fire Outside Franklin Graham’s Hotel a Precursor of being a “Fire Starter” in Toronto?

  23. Tossed by the Wind!

  24. If you like your unemployment check, you can keep your unemployment check

  25. Mercury falling

  26. The old beast is rising again

  27. *Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrot – Obama On NSA, In Typical Milli Vanilli Prose – ‘I’ve got this, I understand, I’ve analyzed, I’ll Let You know later”….

  28. Obama NSA Speech – “There’s More There, And White House Is Worried”

  29. Obama Divorce Rumors Gaining Momentum

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