Distraction 101-Black Squirrels


I had never seen a black squirrel until I live in Huntington, IN. They are lovely squirrels. I loved watching them in Huntington. We don’t have them here in Lafayette. I miss seeing them so had to do something about it.







This one is your typical American gun carrying, black squirrel.


2 thoughts on “Distraction 101-Black Squirrels

  1. Black squirrels are beautiful. I see one occasionally, although most squirrels around here (western Wisconsin) are either the standard-issue gray kind or the little red ones. What I really miss are the fox squirrels I remember from my childhood in Illinois. They’re bigger than gray or black squirrels, and a lot less frisky. They’re very gentle and friendly and easy to tame. We had several of them who used to come to our house to beg for food, and they would eat right out of our hands. Some even allowed us to pet them. The gray squirrels were more skittish — they would take food from our hands as long as they could do it without touching us or letting us touch them.

    I’ve always figured squirrels must be more intelligent than most other wild animals, based on the fact that it’s possible to tame them. I loved wild animals as a child, but it always bugged me that they were afraid of me — why couldn’t they see that I wanted to be their friend? Squirrels were different — they knew they could trust me. Their reward for being so smart was that they got to have lots of peanuts and sunflower seeds… and sometimes even an almond cookie, whenever I was able to sneak one from my mother’s private stash without getting caught.

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