8 thoughts on “When I Became A Man-Clayton Jennings

  1. fantastic message with powerful delivery. The world needs this kind of Spirit inspired propagation of the Gospel. Thank you and God bless you Clayton Jennings. If you are ever in London I would love to meet up.

  2. Lafayette Angel, Thank you so much for visiting TheKingsKidsChronicles and liking Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3. If you would like to dramatize it let me know and I’ll give you the contact info for the publisher. Bet you could do a great job.

  3. ‘When I Became A Man’ – Raw. Honest. Heartfelt. Hits the depth of your soul. This needs to be heart over and over. Defines reaching out as a male and though struggling with maturity and responsibility, taking that step to be guided by God’s hand on the road to his world (not this world).

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