My Article Read (1-6-2014)


  1. Medicaid-CHIP-Qualified Left With No Insurance Under ObamaCare But Are Eligible If Salary Doesn’t Exceed 4X Poverty Level of $92,500

  2. Ron Johnson Sues to Deny Congress ObamaCare Exemptions: Remember the Roberts Tax?

  3. None dare call it socialism, or, How the Left is like a cult

  4. #BB4SP: You just can’t make this stuff up ~> Egyptian Astrologer Warns ~> Saturn Enters Sagittarius ~> Making Jews Stronger

  5. #BB4SP: Ouch This Has Gotta HURT ~> Sarah Palin Takes Obama To School

  6. Report: Egypt Freezes Assets of Clinton Employee

  7. Britains Version of The Tea Party Continues Victorious Growth and Sending Shockwaves Through The United Kingdom…

  8. Not Only Are Conservatives Fed Up With Obama, New Report Indicates Michelle Wants Divorce

  9. The Voting Fraud Numbers Are In—and They’re Shocking!

  10. Independence Party Makes Inroads in UK

  11. Some People Are Seriously Pissing Me Off!

  12. Book Review – The Enemies Trilogy

  13. Calling Al Gore! Al Gore!!

  14. A Picture Speaks 17 TRILLION Words!

  15. Political Correctness gets a double whammy.

  16. Epiphany…

  17. Why Aren’t Christian Churches Committed to Making Disciples?

  18. Historic: Egypt’s President Visits Coptic Christians

  19. Doctor’s Eulogy for Murdered Rapper: “We Need to Pray for God to Save America!”

  20. The Righteous Will Never Be Shaken

  21. CBS News Goes After Barack Obama’s Pay To Play Green Energy Fund

  22. Just Two Months Ago Barack Obama Was Warning Of “Record Warm Temperatures”

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