My Article Read (11-11-2013)


  1. My Wars: What Will my Son Think?

  2. Veteran’s Day Remembrances: Then, In-between and Now, The War at Home

  3. Daley Gator’s List of 25 Best Blogs NOW: Woot!

  4. New York Times’ Obama cheerleading harms the nation

  5. ‘Pour some glitches on me’: #ObamacareRockandRolloutHits provides hilarious soundtrack for disastrous ACA launch

  6. A Sincere Message To Our Vets

  7. Our Undying Gratitude!

  8. When Tyranny Knocks (Guest Commentary)

  9. A Debt We Owe That Can Never Repay!

  10. If you think that what he does with giant alligators is amazing.

  11. God Desires You Far More than You Desire Him – Desiring God

  12. Don’t allow anyone or anything to get you down!

  13. A Resurgence Of The Baptism Of Holy Spirit

  14. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…And Worn Out

  15. Veterans Day Tribute 2013

  16. Remembering our Veterans this Veterans Day and Always

  17. Angel Flight…(must see video)

  18. Honey, I’m home

  19. Gratitude

  20. Remember when America had a real president?

  21. Thank you to all who served

  22. Democrat city council of Annapolis plots coup d’état against Republican mayor. Updated

  23. #Benghazi: about that 60 minutes retraction

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