My Article Read (10-24-2013)


  1. Allen West: House Committee Members Must Cough-UP Big Bucks to Get on a Committee

  2. Jim Inhofe: Obama Disarming U.S. While Allowing Iran to Stall – US Quit Polish Missile Interceptors in Final Stage

  3. Baltimore Ravens Get $130,000 of Taxpayer Funding to Promote ObamaCare

  4. Clare Daly – Irish Delegate Blisters Obama and Ireland for Supporting Him: Hypocrite of the Century

  5. Blaze Sources: Obama Purging Military Commanders

  6. FINALLY, Some GOOD News Out Of Washington!!

  7. An Open Letter to Democrats, Part 1

  8. 32 Members of Congress Demand Sebelius Resignation

  9. ‘You Let Them Die!’: Hillary Heckled | Video

  10. ‘Unacceptable’: Merkel calls Obama over suspicion US monitored her cell phone

  11. Activist Post: Proof in 3 Minutes That Obama’s Fainting Lady was Staged

  12. Brig Gen Wampler, Command Sgt. Maj Jordan Suspended: 143rd ESC – Nothing Criminal, Just Relieved of Duty

  13. Eight Years Dead – Hanging Body Doesn’t Decompose: Surprise For New Apartment Owner

  14. Neal Cavuto to Obama: Fox News is Not the Skunk at Your Picnic

  15. Obama Asking Military Officers If They Will Shoot Americans

  16. Video: WATCH Police Chief Get Questioned Over Future Obama Gun Confiscation

  17. Veteran Gets Last Word After Flag Destroyed

  18. Germany, France to unite in anger over U.S. spying accusations

  19. Ban Ban!

  20. Another Swipe…

  21. Oh HELL No!!

  22. Scrap It!

  23. The Fun Is Just Starting!

  24. We’re Allowed To Hate Evil

  25. One group is making this declaration together. If …

  26. 21-year Prophetic Timeframe 2008 to 2028 – Terry Bennett…

  27. Seeing the Church through the eyes of the Spirit –…

  28. An Open Letter to John MacArthur From A.W. Tozer: He Being Dead Yet Speaketh

  29. Spiritual Warriors, You Really Don’t Need to Scream at the Devil

  30. Deadly, Crime-Infested Park Becomes Scene of Holy Ghost Revival

  31. “Love Boat” Captain Now an Ambassador for Christ

  32. Henninger: Obama’s Credibility Is Melting


  34. “Pawn Shop Love” by Garris Elkins

  35. “Giving with Honor and Compassion” by Garris Elkins

  36. “The River Crossing” by Garris Elkins

  37. Bitter Betty Strikes Again

  38. Barack Obama: “Always The Victim – Never The Leader”

  39. Why did Jon Stewart call President Obama, GIL from the Simpsons?


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