My Article Read (10-21-2013)


  1. House GOP Leadership PACs Snub Conservatives

  2. D.C.’s ‘Corrupt Bastards Club’

  3. Msg to Obama, Democrats – You passed this tax without reading it, Website without testing it you owe us 600M dollars

  4. Obama’s fingerprints all over IRS Tea Party scandal

  5. Welcome Home – An Eight Minute Standing Ovation For Texas Senator Ted Cruz….

  6. Shopping billboard features Obama as Hitler, demands impeachment

  7. Chuck Schumer Legislation Adopts McConnell Rule: “Incredibly Slim Chance” Congress Can Revoke Presidential Power

  8. Being Covered Under ObamaCare: The Public Service Announcement You Mustn’t Miss

  9. US Navy Bribery Scandal: Prostitution, Confidential Info on Ship’s Ports, Overcharging, Lady GaGa Tickets!

  10. Most epic read of our time? It’s not classics Beowulf or War and Peace but Google’s terms and conditions, say scientists

  11. Brooklyn group of black youths blocks white couple’s car, bloody victims in racial attack: cops

  12. A Few Items

  13. Seventeen and Twelve Zeroes

  14. Calling All Elijahs: It’s Time to Confront the Idolatry in Our Land

  15. Trumpet Judgments, Environmental Catastrophes, Human Misery and Unchanged Hearts

  16. Making Disciples in the 21st Century

  17. Thankfulness, a Must Character Quality | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  18. Word Cloud: Synod of Dort (A Calvinist Confession Of Faith)…

  19. Tennessee 10-year-old Vindicated; Allowed to Write about Her Hero—God

  20. How Sunday Morning Will Save or Destroy America.

  21. “The Father’s Heart” by Garris Elkins

  22. Expect Changes as God Rearranges!

  23. A True Soldier of GOD, or a Spy?

  24. Panic Inside Obama White House – Obamacare Teeters On Brink Of Self-Inflicted Collapse

  25. Obama um, er, ah talks about the wonderful roll out of Obamacare…

  26. I crave…

  27. Orwellian: Israeli soldiers *not* raping Palestinian women is racist

  28. #Obamacare: site code needs a “minor rewrite”

  29. Lurching towards war.

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