My Article Read (10-19-2013) (10-20-2013)


  1. Stenographer says Holy Spirit woke her to deliver message to House

  2. US Rep. Bill Young dies at 82

  3. Video: MSNBC Caught Framing Veterans In D.C. With Edited Video

  4. Hitler Thinks Michelle Bachmann Was Right: Jon Stewart Wants Single Payer and so Does His Goofy Audience

  5. Video The Piano Guys: 5 Guys 1 Piano and Kung Fu Piano on Great Wall of China

  6. Tea Party Racism and the Government Shutdown

  7. Here Is What an Islamic Cleric Says Should Happen to Homosexuals in ‘Ideal Society’

  8. Trey Gowdy shoots down Obama’s claim amnesty is next on legislative agenda: ‘No it’s not’

  9. Small Legal Victory for Military Veteran Arrested After ‘Rudely Displaying’ Rifle on Hike With His Son

  10. Unraveling the Mystery Behind Chief Justice Roberts Sudden Switch to Rule in Favor of ObamaCare

  11. Was Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed Into Supporting Obamacare? Maybe.

  12. ‘Take down Ted Cruz’: Capitol Police investigate threat against Senator; Haters add fuel to fire

  13. Nothing by Chance (Guest Commentary)

  14. Scout Leaders? No….Idiots!

  15. Francis Frangipane: A Special Word to the Women of God

  16. Why Did God Forbid One Tree in Eden? – Desiring God

  17. Elton Trueblood on the Conversion of the Church

  18. A Nation that is Beyond Words. By Mario Murillo

  19. On the Bottom? The Next Stop… “TWILIGHT ZONE”

  20. THE CHURCH OF THE LAST DAYS – The Most Beautiful of All

  21. The White House Is Open To Public Tours Again Huh? I Got One Little Bitty Question About That…

  22. Unhappy with Obama, Saudi Arabia refuses UN security council seat (Update)

  23. Tweet of the Day, #Obamacare testing train wreck edition

  24. A Bad Moon has Risen over America

  25. Dennis Miller: Fire a Believer of ObamaCare First – Who Else Would You Fire?

  26. Rachel Maddow Hides Truth of Veterans March on Memorials, Says Barricades Were “Hurled” at White House

  27. Once More With Feeling: Health Care Hikes in 45 States for Age 27 – 49, Stark Reality

  28. Daniel Greenfield on Video: You Know Sultan Knish, Right? War in Syria a Fantastic Terrorist Theme Park

  29. KUHNER: The Tea Party’s coming vindication – Washington Times

  30. Enough said: Twitter wraps up #ObamasPresidencyInTwoWords

  31. Video: The Organization That Will Likely Pull Down Obama

  32. Video: Can Any Politician Be Saved, Or Should They ALL Be Fired?

  33. Retired 4 star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi new Evidence

  34. Say Whut?

  35. Psalm 37:3-5 (1599 Geneva Bible)

  36. Of Heaven and Hell – what happens when a Christian…

  37. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  38. But at least everyone gets free contraceptives, right?

  39. Conservative? Shortly, you’ll be a “terrorist”

  40. Delusional: Dick Durbin mocked for calling Obamacare a ‘success’

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