My Article Read (10-14-2013) (10-15-2013)


  1. Exclusive–RNC Chair: Hillary Should Return Donations from McAuliffe’s Convicted Pal

  2. Lindsey Graham: ‘Best Thing for the Republican Party’ to Let Obamacare Proceed

  3. Media Silent as Democrats Take Country ‘Hostage’ to Demand More Spending

  4. Obama’s Evasive Letter to Benghazi Victim’s Father

  5. Veterans Take Down Barriers from WWII Memorial

  6. Video: How Much More Will Our Military Take?

  7. Benghazi: Obama Would Have Done Nothing Different If His Family Was in Benghazi Compound on 9-11-12

  8. Yikes – Guy Charged $95 After Using HHS Obamacare Website…. Perhaps The First Person Penalized Under New HHS Mandate

  9. Valor: Another wounded warrior carried Barrycades; Searcy: ‘Best damn tweet ever!’ [pics]

  10. Barrycades back up at WWII Memorial: Not for long? Wounded warrior to ‘head there shortly’; Update: Breaching begins [pic]

  11. Perfection! Check out sign on Barrycade transported by vets to White House [pic]

  12. CNN Anchor Asks Rand Paul if He Would Consider Switching to the Democratic Party—This Was His Simple Response

  13. New Book: Margaret Thatcher Worried About U.S. Under Obama

  14. Patriots storm barricades at DC memorials

  15. Waitress pays tab for furloughed National Guard soldiers

  16. Sarah Palin: We were met by a SWAT team in full riot gear at Lincoln Memorial » The Right Scoop –

  17. Obama: Today’s Mission – Make Vets Walk or Be Wheeled as Far as Possible to MEMORIALs: Police in Riot Gear

  18. Copper Implants

  19. The War Between Us and Them

  20. My Favorite Pic

  21. Genesis 9:1-7 (1599 Geneva Bible)

  22. When I look at the world around me Sometimes I feel the prophet Habakkuk…

  23. We are killing our congregations with busyness.

  24. A Reason to Be Really Offended – Desiring God

  25. Uprooting Fears | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  26. The Most Important Skill of a Disciple Maker

  27. Shattered Dreams

  28. Word Cloud: Formula of Concord (A Lutheran Confession of Faith)…

  29. Million Vet March on the Memorials: About Honoring Vets, Not Politics

  30. At the Crossroads of Change – “What are the Requirements to Go From One Stage to the Next?”

  31. Obamacare ‘navigator’ in Kansas has outstanding arrest warrant.

  32. Ben Carson: Obamacare Worst Thing Since Slavery.

  33. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  34. The Choice of Life and Blessings!

  35. The USA: Standing at a Crossroad

  36. Chicago Newspaper Details Middle Class America Getting Raped By Obamacare…

  37. The Moral Majority has lost the High Ground and America has become a Liberal Prison

  38. Whatever happened to all those White House Scandals?

  39. Let’s have an honest talk about Rand Paul…

  40. Patriots march on Washington, storm the Barrycades

  41. The Obamacare chronicles: Building the moocher class, subsidy by subsidy

  42. (Video) Pat Condell on progressive feminism and Islamic misogyny

  43. Obama on Verge of ‘Impeachable Offenses’

  44. Harlem Ministers Unite To Oust Al Sharpton

  45. Baltimore Sun: GOP Teaparty Only Adults in the Room – Attempts to Focus President on Spending, Entitlements

  46. Michael Behenna: Parole Hearing on Horizon – DOJ Says Behenna FORFEITED Right to Self-Defense

  47. VA: $3.5M on Furniture, $1M on TV Ads – During Shutdown: Bonuses Rampant – VA a Danger to Veterans

  48. Truckers Shut Down Access to DC – Traffic Backed Up 10 Miles: Supporting Vets March

  49. Josh Hargis Army Ranger: Gravely Wounded, Believed Unconscious, Salutes While Receiving Purple Heart

  50. House Conservatives Revolt

  51. Hannity: Could Be Time for Conservative Third Party

  52. Unreal: Barrycades block Flight 93 National Memorial

  53. Barrycades spark new iconic photos: Don’t miss powerful scenes from Million Vet March

  54. ‘Damn true and funny!’ Drones and O-care groans: Fred Thompson scores direct hit

  55. Back in the Saddle!

  56. Is It Time To Act?

  57. Lies Unraveling

  58. More Bolt Cutters Needed!!

  59. When a spirit of poverty manifests

  60. The nation is “in a mess” because politicians “have turned their backs on God.”

  61. The Eyes of a Child will see My Kingdom!

  62. A poem for Columbus Day

  63. Why is the Obamacare web site crashing so much? The “Chicago Way”

  64. Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst calls for President Obama’s impeachment

  65. Remains of 274 Troops Reportedly Dumped in Virginia Landfill

  66. This Was No Accident

  67. Routed, betrayed by GOP leaders DC conservatives talk third party

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