My Article Read (10-7-2013)


  1. Obama Kicking Seniors Out Of Their Homes

  2. Oh Say Can You See – Old Glory’s Burning? New Video Zeeda Andrews, Truckers Ride

  3. Million Vet March on Memorials October 13: Update on Trucker Ride for Constitution

  4. Americans cross Obama’s parkway barriers

  5. Ben Shapiro: Truth Revolt Will Make MSM ‘Pay’ for Lies, Change ‘Nature of Media’

  6. Chris Wallace: Obama’s Refusal to Negotiate ‘Unprecedented’

  7. Countdown until Obama is OUT OF OFFICE

  8. Obama weighs in on Redskins name change; team attorney calls him ignorant

  9. Pelosi faces unexpected tough questions from CBS hosts

  10. Fixing the Blame on YOU (Guest Commentary)

  11. Why So Little Posting?

  12. GG Bat/Big Mama’s Spud and SP Update

  13. I could have been a Fry Cook or a Brain Surgeon, or a Prophet…

  14. The Church Must Die? | The Transformative Church

  15. Is Christendom Dying In America?

  16. God Has “A Better Place” For You | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  17. US House Votes 400-1 to Restore Chaplain Services

  18. “Victory Is Drawing Nigh As You Quietly Sleep…Have You Forgotten that My Name is ‘The Lord of Hosts’?”

  19. UPDATE: LET’S MOVE WEBSITE WORKS FINE – Obama plays POLITICS with LOST CHILDREN, shuts down Amber Alert website

  20. Your future under Obamacare…

  21. Californians discover that -gasp!- Obama lied about their insurance costs

  22. Truckers Plan to Clog DC Beltway...

  23. Twitter Shuts Down ‘Truckers For The Constitution’

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