My Article Read (9-30-2013) (10-1-2013)


  1. Christianity Becoming Extinct In Its Birthplace.

  2. Federal Agencies On A ‘Use It Or Lose It’ Spending Spree

  3. CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Film

  4. Liberal White-Hating Professor Beaten By Blacks In Harlem

  5. Video: NY Times: NSA Spying On Americans Using Social Media Connections

  6. What’s the 2,700-Year-Old Gift the U.S. Reportedly Gave Iran’s President That’s Worth Over $1,000,000?

  7. CNN’s Hillary Clinton film scrapped as director blames lack of co-operation

  8. Atlantic: Cruz Leading Third Party of ‘Good Guys’ in Congress

  9. Truckers roar to D.C. with impeachment movement


  11. Flour Made From Insects Will Feed Underfed Populations

  12. Awkward: Group embraced by Obama hit by Canadian government for terror support

  13. Bill Maher just made a whole lot of NRA members really mad!

  14. Leftists on Twitter issue death threats at Ted Cruz

  15. More Republican weasels claim they voted to defund ObamaCARE

  16. Killer Article By Wayne Allyn Root ~> “OBAMA AND THUGS PULLED OFF THE HEIST OF THE CENTURY” ~> Read Here …Awesome

  17. Two Great Social Media Law Cases Involving Facebook and LinkedIn

  18. Twitter suspends Al Qaeda account after five days

  19. Benghazi investigator won’t deny Stevens kidnap plot

  20. Their Plans?

  21. Oh…This Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

  22. Guilty!

  23. BEAT LAMAR!!

  24. Burn Up Their Phones!

  25. THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER by Gary Wilkerson

  26. Reinhard Bonnke: God ‘Will Shake America’

  27. Louisiana Pastor Shot to Death While Preaching in Church

  28. Keeping One Another Accountable as Disciples of Christ

  29. Prayer Alert: Dozens of College Students Killed in Nigeria in Deadly Terror Attack, Sunday

  30. A Vision of the Crack in the Liberty Bell

  31. Are You a Wounded Healer?

  32. The worst attacks of Satan I have ever heard of are striking God’s people right now. Here is what you do.

  33. United We Argue

  34. CAPITOL UPDATE: Harry Reid Says No Deal To Any Deal – Wants Shutdown (R.I.)

  35. Government shutdown, Obamacare, from the combox, and various and other sundry thoughts…

  36. Barack Obama talks about God Stuff:

  37. Another thing our kids will never understand:

  38. Free Kool-Aid when you sign up

  39. Hey, at least you’ll get free birth control pills

  40. Government shutdown: Oddly, we’ve survived the Apocalypse before

  41. Video: Woodward: Shutdown And Ensuing Economic Crisis Will Be On ‘Obama’s Head’

  42. Surprise! Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work; a total mess

  43. Carney mocks reporter for asking why Obama talks to Iran but not GOP

  44. Bill Clinton advises Obama on shutdown: ‘If I were president. . .

  45. General Motors Collapse Coming – Invest Accordingly: Moody’s Paying Off Unions?

  46. Government Shutdown – Game On: Military Gets Paid

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