My Article Read (9-16-2013) (9-17-2013)


  1. Cornelia Pillard Obama Nominee: “Abortion Frees Conscription Into Maternity” – Clinics Close at Record Rates

  2. Aaron Alexis Dead Navy Shooter: Civilian Contractor – May Have Used Stolen I.D., Ongoing Updates on Aaron Alexis

  3. Obama New Red Line – Quote: “My suspicion is that the Iranians recognize they shouldn’t draw a lesson that we haven’t struck [Syria] to think we won’t strike Iran,”

  4. Oklahoma City Bombing: Gov’ment Faces Trial Re: Missing Tapes – Terry Nichols Confessed to FBI of Middle Eastern Operation – Likely Iraqi

  5. Viewers delight as Elisabeth Hasselbeck debuts on ‘Fox & Friends’; Haters gotta hate [pic]

  6. Laura Ingraham announces: Our 8 year relationship has come to an end [pic]

  7. Laura Ingraham posts ‘best bumper sticker ever!’ slamming Obama

  8. Dad dons Daisy Dukes to teach daughter; lesson goes viral

  9. Benghazi and Obama’s Legacy of Betrayal | The Tea Party News Network

  10. The Next Wave Of Protest: 1Million Truckers To Shut Down America October 11-13

  11. Obama is not the only cockroach in the White House

  12. State Department’s Benghazi review let senior officials off the hook, report finds

  13. State Dept. Suggests Benghazi Survivors Don’t Want to Testify, *Update* Issa’s Committee Responds

  14. This is NOT How I Wanted My Day To Start!

  15. Ron Cantor: Televangelists Abusing the ‘Day of Atonement’

  16. Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Rate | Gleanings

  17. Assad Regime Hails ‘Victory’ After US-Russia Deal, While Rebels Say He Goes Unpunished

  18. Pastor Saeed Abedini ACLJ Campaign to Flood Iranian President With Weekly Letters

  19. What would lead someone to focus on God’s “wrath”?…

  20. DC Shooting: 13 Killed Including Gunman

  21. Massive Air Search and Rescue in Colorado as Counties Cleanup from Floods


  23. “I’ll say it again. These people are sick.” -Republican Insider

  24. RE: D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

  25. (Video) Liberal racism in action: The Black NRA

  26. US, Russia, reach sham deal over Syrian chemical weapons

  27. FFS!

  28. The siphoning class:

  29. 5 Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality

  30. Official Confirms Dead Navy Yard Shooter Is 34-Year-Old Navy Vet, Civilian Contractor Aaron Alexis

  31. Video: WATCH Sheriff Joe Defend Police Chief Suspended For Visiting Him

  32. Number Of Abortion Providers Drops Dramatically

  33. Palestinian Nidal Hasan’s Military Pay Went to Charity: Won’t Disclose What Charity or In What Countries

  34. Prince Bandar Paid for Syrian Gassings? Gave Chemicals to Rebels Not Knowing They Were Carrying Chemicals? Yoseff Bodansky Compares to Bosnia

  35. White House Gun Incident 9-16-13 – Man in Custody.

  36. When Did Military Bases Become ‘Gun-Free Zones’?

  37. Disapproval of Obamacare reaches all time high

  38. Protecting Dear Leader – Time Magazine Manipulates American Cover Article, Rest of World Gets Actual Version…

  39. Shepard Smith staffer deletes tweet ‘confirming’ shots fired at White House

  40. Tip of the day: If you’re running from the police, it’s best not to tweet about it

  41. Farewell to MWD Duuk: A Day to Remember

  42. Dad recalls pain: Obama off to Vegas; my son’s body left on tarmac

  43. Criminal in Chief

  44. Bad Day

  45. We Really Need the Gospel – Desiring God

  46. US Supreme Court takes on Case Regarding Public Prayer

  47. Miracle Survivor Sang to God While Submerged in Car 2 Hours

  48. Obama Criticized for Highly Partisan Speech During Navy Yard Tragedy

  49. South Carolina Church Showered With 16 Bullets; Pastor Thanks God After No Church Members Die

  50. Disabled 13-Y-O Singer Rion Page Blows Away Judges With Inspiring Optimism and Voice on ‘X-Factor USA’

  51. Even MSNBC Stunned At Obama’s Anti Republican Rant During Shooting Crisis (RI Related)

  52. Obama Ducks For Cover As Approval Rating Plummets To Just 39%


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