My Article Read (9-14-2013) (9-15-2013)


  1. Mexico captures third man linked to killing of U.S. border agent

  2. Jim DeMint Schools Putin on American Exceptionalism | The Tea Party News Network

  3. CNN Brooke Baldwin Shuts down Colorado Democrat who lost recall Vote – MUST SEE!

  4. Hillary Clinton 2008 Campaign: Probe Street Team Organizers = $608000

  5. Georgia Police Chief Doug Jordan Suspended Without Pay for Visiting Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  6. Libya: US Spec Forces Gear Stolen, Plug Pulled – Spec Forces Team Come Home: How Stupid Are We?

  7. Gene Simmons defends Tebow: ‘If he was wearing a burqa, they wouldn’t dare’

  8. Sen. Rand Paul: President Putin, America Is Exceptional

  9. Ted Cruz defends American exceptionalism

  10. Rand Paul On The War Path

  11. Articles: Dangerous Times: Putin the Peacemaker vs. Obama the Warmonger

  12. Obama administration denies labor’s request for health care waiver

  13. Palin to Union Members: Demand Resignation of ‘Thug’ Bosses for Backing Obamacare

  14. The American Spectator : Putin Exposes the Secrets of American Liberalism

  15. Breaking: Is U.S. Government Harassing Walid Shoebat?

  16. Why Democrats Have Reason to Fear –

  17. People Are Leaving Missouri And They’re Taking Millions of Dollars With Them

  18. I See Unicorns

  19. News From Marsha

  20. Day Of Atonement

  21. Dragons and Holiness – Desiring God

  22. One Man | A Heart For God

  23. Is Christianity a Religion?

  24. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity

  25. Let This Dog Remind You | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  26. The fruits of epic incompetence.

  27. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  28. You are turning a Major Corner!

  29. The next socialist push

  30. Bet you didn’t hear about this?

  31. treason

  32. Boys are expected to act like Girls in Public School. That IS child abuse

  33. Long may it wave

  34. Illinois Supreme Court overturns state ban on carrying firearms

  35. The left is not merely an alternative viewpoint.

  36. “..May your chains sit lightly upon you”

  37. Michelle Malkin Tears Into Celebrities ~> If You Think Obama Is Your Dad, Boyfriend, Or God, You Need ‘Therapy’

  38. PETA Crashes Biker Gathering… Not to be missed…

  39. EXPLOSIVE Charge Leveled By Veteran Lawmaker Against Obama

  40. Hypocrisy: Why isn’t Obama outraged over North Korea’s starving to death of 20,000 prisoners?

  41. Snarky WH petition tells Obama to give his Peace Prize to Putin

  42. Graves Amendment to Defund, Stall ObamaCare Until After 2014 Elections – It’s a Good Thing!

  43. Bikers Get A Blogger: Time to Ride to Albany – Bikers Getting Regional to Defend the Constitution

  44. Sunday Worship Music: He Who Began A Good Work In You by Steve Green

  45. Don’t Go to Church to Give – Desiring God

  46. 1 Timothy 4:1-5

  47. OK Prophecy Buffs, Has this already happened, or will it happen…

  48. Gates and Doors…Lance Wallnau

  49. “Barack Obama, the 98 Pound Weakling”

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