My Article Read (9-12-2013)


  1. Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain

  2. Sheryl Crow Says Attacking Syria Like Throwing Rock in a Beehive

  3. Time/USA Today Declare Putin Winner Over Obama

  4. James Woods on Obama: ‘The Gift from Hell that Keeps on Giving’

  5. Muslim Persecution Of Christians: June, 2013

  6. Million Muslim March: Fewer than 20 Persons Showed Up – 9/11 Truther Biker Flips Off 9/11/01 Attacks

  7. A Line of Shining Chrome and Steel as Bikers Ride to Support Victims of 9-11-01, First Responders

  8. Fired! Elizabeth O’Bagy – No Ph.D, and oh SNAP, She Works for Syrian Emergency Task Force

  9. CIA begins weapons delivery to Syrian rebels – The Washington Post

  10. Yahoo CEO: We faced jail if we revealed NSA secrets “If you don’t comply, it’s treason!”

  11. CIA director clears Benghazi survivors to talk to lawmakers

  12. Liberals confirm the validity of the tea party movement

  13. Ready with the popcorn? Time to transmit Vladimir #PutinsFavoriteFlicks

  14. Bikers inspire a nation; media asleep at the wheel

  15. Man robs bank in Obama costume; liberal outrage in 3, 2, 1 . . .

  16. Things Fall Apart For Obama-Left Turns On Him

  17. Atheists Lose, ‘In God We Trust’ to Remain on Currency

  18. Kindergartner Told She Cannot Write About God

  19. Discerning Jezebel’s False Prophetic Puppets

  20. How to Pray for Your City | This Is Our City

  21. Trumpet Judgments, Environmental Catastrophes, Human Misery and Unchanged Hearts

  22. School Affirms Parent’s Right to Pray

  23. Flash Flooding Happening in Colorado

  24. X Factor Judges Wow’d by Inspirational Performance of “Alabaster Box”

  25. Benghazi Questions Remain, a Year Later

  26. James Woods on Obama: He’s the ‘gift from hell’

  27. ‘Million Muslim March’ 2013 and ’2 Million Bikers’ [VIDEO]: Washington D.C. rally expected on anniversary of September 11 attacks

  28. Muslim rally vastly outnumbered by bikers, counter protesters

  29. Arctic sea ice up 60 percent in 2013: dramatic deviation from predictions of an “ice-free Arctic in 2013.

  30. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity

  31. There is an Army rising up!

  32. ‘Two Million Bikers’ Moved to Tears From Support; Says 1.2 Million Participated This Year

  33. Echoing Miley, President Obama Twerks America

  34. 9-11, 2013: Treason and Betrayal in the White House

  35. Do The RIGHT Thing!

  36. Technology Deserted Me!

  37. BREAKING: Internal Emails Of Obama IRS Show Specific Tea Party Targeting

  38. Liberal Lunacy: City Demands Widow Tear Down Tree House Built To Honor Vietnam Vet

  39. Obama: Assad, Sad Story

  40. In loving memory

  41. #Benghazi: One year later, and they don’t give a damn

  42. Darin, on the anniversary of 9/11:

  43. What’s Your Angle?

  44. Palin NUKES Obama ~> “This Isn’t Rocket Science” ~> Gotta See This One !!!

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