My Article Read (9-7-2013)


  1. Two Million Bikers Honor 9-11 Victims Washington DC 9-11-13: Prayer Requested – No Prayer Rugs Strapped to Hogs – Guaranteed

  2. A Patriot Storm is Coming: DC Mall September 9, 2013

  3. Assad’s Science Center NOT Involved in Gassing – Assad’s Brother Not Involved in Gassing Yet EU Warms Up To Possible Assad Regime Involvement

  4. Obama Addresses Americans Tuesday Night Regarding Syrian War; Here’s who he wants to defend in name of the USA

  5. Arab press pans President Obama on Syria – Hadas Gold –

  6. High-Level U.S. Intelligence Officers: Syrian Government Didn’t Launch Chemical Weapons

  7. BBC News – Australia election: Rudd concedes as Abbott wins victory


  9. Fearing backlash, California Democrats chart centrist path

  10. Code Pink Protesters Hold Faux-Bloody Hands Behind Kerry at House Syria Hearing

  11. News From Marsha

  12. Defund Obamacare!

  13. Fading Obama tramp stamp? Check out Madonna’s message to US on Syria [pic]

  14. ‘Gays’ forced to serve Westboro Baptist haters

  15. Obama hints he may abandon Syria strike

  16. The Lonely Pastor: Nine Observations

  17. The Joy of Praising Others – Desiring God

  18. Brian Simmons: An Epic Battle of “Hope” over the Whole of New England



  21. CBS Laments Pope’s ‘Religious Street Protest’ is Anti-Obama, Pro-Putin.

  22. Inspiring quotes to live by

  23. Prophets & Watchmen: God’s Word is not for SALE!

  24. “Obama’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost” (WHI RELATED)

  25. Glenn Beck got it right and Barack Obama got it wrong !

  26. John Kerry to Jeff Duncan (R-SC) “I don’t want to talk about Benghazi and Fast and Furious”…

  27. When did children become a burden instead of a blessing?…

  28. Remember this carefully when president Bush, I mean Obama, speaks to the nation Tuesday Night.

  29. John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot

  30. Video: Rush Limbaugh Lets Loose On Obama Over This ‘Psychopathic’ Statement

  31. Judge Jeanine Pirro destroys Obama on Syria

  32. We say no war’: Protesters across the world rally against military strike on Syria — RT News

  33. Obama Losing The War At Home – ABC News

  34. Conservative wins Australia by landslide; declares end to climate change ‘crap’

  35. Special Ops group demands Benghazi truth before Syria strike, calls Boehner to resign

  36. Obama Satan Picture Goes Viral In The Middle East (Video)

  37. Will U.S. Become Mercenaries for Al-Qaeda?

  38. VIDEO: Obama Praises Muslim Brotherhood Convention

  39. Limbaugh: Americans Starting to Notice Obama ‘Incompetence’

  40. Limbaugh, Beck, Savage Lead Charge on Syria

  41. Barack and Malik Obama, Muslim Brotherhood, US Consulates and Billions of $USD: US Buying Sinai for Hamas?

  42. Lashawn Marten Shouted I Hate White People Before Leaving Jeffrey Babbitt Brain Dead – Not Expected to Live

  43. Sunday Worship Music: Healer by Hillsong

  44. Isaiah 21:6-9

  45. Counting Fish

  46. Are there kinds of prayers that God never answers?…

  47. Eileen Fisher: “Ask Me to Come into Turbulent Situations”

  48. BURNING FIRE out of Control!

  49. Look Beyond the Flames and see ME!

  50. Your Latter shall be Greater than your Former!

  51. SCANDAL: Second Congressman Calls Obama A Liar Over Syria Intelligence (R.I. Related)

  52. Obama To Engage In Jedi Mind Trick Media Blitz Tomorrow…

  53. Somebody left the irony on

  54. Delusional: Obama admin thought they could convince Iran to abandon #Syria

  55. TYRANNY.

  56. Syria explained:

  57. Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow for Syria

  58. It’s 2 O’clock in the Morning

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