Remembering One Of Our 9/11 Fallen-Lt. Christopher P. Sullivan


Lt. Christopher P. Sullivan

Age: 39

Hometown: Massapequa, N.Y., USA

Occupation: Firefighter, New York Fire Department

Location: Ground, World Trade Center

Christopher Sullivan was born July 28, 1962, at Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan. Christopher Sullivan was the fourth of six children. He graduated from Farmingdale High School. Christopher Sullivan first worked as a corrections officer for the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department. He worked awhile for the New York City police officer then joined the Fire Department. Christopher Sullivan was assigned first to Engine Co. 82, Ladder 31 in the Bronx. When he was promoted to lieutenant, transferred to Engine Co. 214, Ladder 111 in Brooklyn.

Sullivan married his high school sweetheart, Dolores Neufeld a year after joining the Fire Department. They had two sons Sean and Brian.

Dolores Sullivan mentioned Christopher loved to prepare her lunch for her and he never tired of playing with their sons.

“The main thing about him was that he was an excellent father,” Dolores Sullivan said. “He’d come home after working 24 hours and they would want to play and he played. He took them hiking and camping. He also did everything at home, from cooking to cleaning. We were a real team.”

Jim Sullivan, Christopher’s father, said his son “had a heart of gold but no one pushed him around,” which made him perfect for firefighting. “Chris loved his job so much. We really respected the men he worked with.”

Robert Sullivan said his brother will be remembered as an all-around family man who cooked and cared for his sons on days he didn’t have to go to the firehouse and for his positive outlook, strong faith in God and penchant for practical jokes. “Every day, he lived life to the fullest,” Robert Sullivan said. “You couldn’t rattle the guy that easy. He was just easygoing and enjoyed things.” Robert Sullivan said his brother would have been philosophical about death and the days ahead. “I think he would say we shouldn’t worry about the guys who died, that God would take care of them,” he added. “He would say that we need to focus on the country, stick together and do what’s right.”


A Kevin Sullivan made this video in Christopher Sullivan’s honor. He also listed of FDNY Firemen and Police lost in collapses too.


We will never forget.

H/T Maggie’s Notebook

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7 thoughts on “Remembering One Of Our 9/11 Fallen-Lt. Christopher P. Sullivan

  1. I hope Dolores Sullivan & her family will get to read this. Just wanted to let you know that my daughter had to do a 911 memorial project for her 8th grade class. She had to choose someone who died on 9-11 and that person’s last name had to start with the same letter as her last name. Well our last name is Sullivan and she chose to honor your husband. We researched him on the Internet and learned what a wonderful husband and father he was. We appreciate his service as a NY firefighter and we are very sorry for your loss. Just know that he has not been forgotten and he will be honored in the hallways of a middle school in Florida.

  2. I thought that you should know Christopher Sullivan was remembered today.
    My son is in a Fire Science Program, he had to research someone who served on Sept. 11, 2001.
    We are sorry for your loss. We are thankful for his courage and duty to country.

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