My Article Read (9-3-2013)



  1. Video: BREAKING: Egyptian Media Says Barack Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood Member

  2. Congress Is Full Of Crooks Because Our Pulpits Are Full Of Cowards!

  3. Barack Obama: Proof He Is A Member of Muslim Brotherhood?

  4. Barack Obama Sues Texas Over Voter ID Law: “We Will Not Allow The Supreme Court…”

  5. Good Grief! Spencer Oklahoma Buddhist Monk Beaten By Two Black Teens

  6. DHS Advocate for Illegals Renamed After Congress Defunded Position: Middle Finger Extended To You, The Legal Citizen

  7. Unlikely Figure helps to out Obama as Muslim Brotherhood

  8. Since Obama is waffling on Syria commitment, Why doesn’t he just show his devilish smile like he does to us? – Newsninja2012

  9. Obama enraged gun control couldn’t pass Democrat-led Senate – Washington Times

  10. Public Opinion Runs Against Syrian Airstrikes | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

  11. South Carolina Tea Partiers Draft Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham

  12. The World Is Nuts!

  13. “Exchange” For What?

  14. A New Move of God Is Emerging

  15. Why Old Testament Prophecy Still Matters

  16. Finding Joy in the Everyday – Desiring God

  17. When the Plumb Line Is Dropped! And How To Respond To the Times


  19. The image John Kerry WON’T want you to see: U.S. Secretary of State pictured dining with Assad and his wife at Damascus restaurant before war broke out in Syria

  20. God’s Life Transforming Secret: Fill the Jar Before You Leave

  21. About False Prophets and Politicians!

  22. A Season of Assignments & Opportunities


  24. Yossef Bodansky: Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?…

  25. Targeting jobless is out of line. Demeaning the nation’s unemployed is a tasteless political tactic — one not backed up by facts

  26. New boss just like the old boss

  27. Summer’s almost gone…

  28. Al Jazeera TV Guide

  29. Kerry on the Hill: “Assad used chemical weapons because Obama is weak.”

  30. Rubio, Jindal, and Cruz eligible to be president

  31. The potential threat to liberty in driverless cars

  32. 8:30pm next Saturday

  33. WATCH! Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Owns SOS John Kerry in Heated Debate over Syrian War!

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