My Article Read (8-30-2013)


  1. First Gas, Then Fire

  2. The Middle East No Spin-Zone- The Truth Quick and Dirty

  3. Rand Paul Syria: Shall Your Sons and Daughters Fight for Those Who Want to Kill Christians?

  4. Watchers of Weasels Nominations: Wag the Dog Edition

  5. Schultz Hammers ‘Neocons,’ Not Obama for Syria War Drums

  6. Obama Disarms Americans While Arming the World

  7. Video: The Racial Chris Matthews Meltdown You May Have To Watch Twice!

  8. LA Times claims Democrats led passage of Civil Rights Act; Larry Elder rebuts

  9. Nullification Win! Holder, DOJ Back Down

  10. Rallies Across America

  11. NBC poll: Americans skeptical of U.S. intervention in Syria – First Read

  12. NRA blasts Obama for targeting gun collectors with new executive order

  13. Allen West: Obama is best buddy of jihadists, nightmare to Israel

  14. FBI arrests man accused of threatening to behead lawmaker

  15. The Head Criminal

  16. Bracing for a Possible Military Strike, Syrian Christians ask for Prayer

  17. Theresa Phillips: A Vision of Angelic Warriors with a New Assignment

  18. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  19. Are You Ready To Stop Playing Church? Connect, Coach, Commission

  20. Police Raid Home, Seize Children, of Homeschooling Family in Germany

  21. Insider’s Chilling Possibility – Did Obama’s CIA Give Syrian Rebels Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

  22. Obama’s Pathetic MLK speech

  23. Ted Cruz: Quote of the Day…

  24. Whoa! Sweet Lorraine: A must see video…


  26. Man-of-the-people President to celebrate Labor his way

  27. Dan Hodges is a repulsive creature


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