My Article Read (8-28-2013)


  1. Video: Glenn Beck Shocking Video-This Is Who We Are Helping In Syria!

  2. Bernice King: Guns Are the Problem – Blacks Hispanics Latinos – Trayvon Martin

  3. Robert Fisk: We’re in this together… the US, Britain and al-Qa’ida will fight on same side – Comment – Voices – The Independent

  4. Intelligence Suggests Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

  5. Homeland Security Gives Muslim Brotherhood Secret Top Security Clearance – Tom O’Halloran

  6. Singer Jamie Grace’s heartfelt reaction to Miley Cyrus proves young people matter in culture war

  7. Alec Baldwin slams photographer into car, reenacts Miley Cyrus twerk-fest [pics]

  8. ‘Operation Shock and Uhh’: Generous snarksters help #NameObamasNewWar

  9. Daily News to Christie: ‘Who you calling an idiot, fatso!’

  10. James Woods tweets ‘priceless’ photo of Obama preparing address on racial hatred

  11. Poignant photo of former Marine and wife goes viral: ‘America just fell in love’

  12. BREAKING! Hackers Take Down New York Times Web Site

  13. Video: Biden Threatening to Impeach President If He Launches an Attack Without Congressional Authority

  14. Al Jazeera America Tanks in Opening Week

  15. One Of Chris Lane’s ‘Bored’ Killers An Obama Fan « Pat Dollard

  16. Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’ – Yahoo! News

  17. Indiana: Teenager Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Rapes 93-Year-Old White Woman…

  18. Medal of Honor ceremony in honor of Staff Sgt. Ty Carter

  19. Blaming the Juice!

  20. Bob – Syria: Obama Joins Al-Qaeda…

  21. Don’t Let The Dream Turn Into A Nightmare!

  22. Yeshua Hamashiach, Messiah, Hebrew Music, Messianic

  23. Brothers, We Are Not Professionals

  24. The Key to Praying for Your City

  25. You Are Called to be a Heroine

  26. Are You Really A Christian If You Don’t Face Persecution?

  27. Four Young Men and their Honest Actions Land them on TODAY Show


  29. Islam will hang this Christian woman over a sip of water.

  30. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  31. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity

  32. God is Speaking – Are We Listening?


  34. Lift Up Your Heads, Oh You Gates!

  35. WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Barack Obama A Weak Ass Fool”

  36. WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: “Obama White House Putting Gas To The Flame”

  37. Taking Back America One Liberal At A Time

  38. Colorado’s Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers

  39. Savage Boko Haram Devout Muslim Group Turns Cannibal

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