My Article Read (8-26-2013)


  1. Video: Planned Parenthood To Access Personal Info On Every American

  2. Che Guevara, Cesar Chavez, And The Hispanic Tea Party

  3. Chicago Black Mob Fractures White Cop’s Head: Weapon? Baseball Bat

  4. Nidal Hasan Judge Tara Osborn: Ft Hood Avoided If Not For Spontaneous Flash of Anger – Justice Stopped Cold

  5. Javon Tyrek Rogers Arrested for Murder of Fannie Gumbinger 99 Years Old in Poughkeepsie

  6. Republican Leaders and Their Changing Stories

  7. If Obama Still Had A Grandfather He Would Look Like Delbert Belton

  8. A Third-Party Candidate on the Rise in 2016?

  9. Ted Cruz on CNN: We’re about to see a ‘grassroots tsunami’ hit Washington

  10. Dear Black Thugs: You’re Making It Hard For White Devils to Believe You’re Innocent Children – Doug Giles – Page 1

  11. ‘Final salute’: Barbi twins honor slain WWII vet Delbert Belton; Ken Wahl, Charlie Daniels hit Obama

  12. 10 Great Ways to Get Noticed as a Blogger

  13. Conservatives Must Remove Traitor RINOs in Primaries or By Recall – Tom O’Halloran

  14. 2nd POS Thug Arrested!

  15. NOT Posting It!

  16. Obama Control

  17. Rick Joyner: True Faith is in God, Not How Many People Are With Us…

  18. Max Lucado’s War Against Despair

  19. 10 Mistakes People Make with the Devil (plus 1 bonus)

  20. Six Things to Consider Before Becoming a Christian Coach

  21. The Christian as Player-Coach and Disciple Maker

  22. Is Jesus a Socialist?

  23. Alveda King’s Role in Our Nation’s Future Deserves Our Support

  24. Israeli Intelligence: Assad Gassed Syrian Civilians

  25. America’s ‘Two-Faced Hypocrisy’ Threatens Israeli Way of Life

  26. Why it is sometimes necessary to refer to the Old Testament as “old”…

  27. Tide Turning in Egypt? Even other Muslims against “Brotherhood’s” Violent Extremism

  28. NSA employees spied on their lovers using eavesdropping program.

  29. I can’t tell a lie

  30. “Noticing the Trends” by Garris Elkins

  31. “You are Qualified for the Impossible” by Garris Elkins

  32. Mr.President, don’t Mess with Texas Voting Laws


  34. In which The Maltese Falcon explains why defunding Obamacare won’t work

  35. Cult of Personality Watch: the return of the Obama flag

  36. Twin Bombings hit Lebanese Mosques, kill at least 27

  37. Bill O’Reilly Tears Into Civil Rights ‘Grievance’ Industry: Dr. King Would Be Horrified

  38. Rush Limbaugh Reveals What ‘A Lot of Democrats’ Are ‘Privately’ Telling Him…

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