My Article Read (8-17-2013) (8-18-2013)


  1. White House Tried to Edit WaPo Story on NSA Violations: Violations Counted Only Include One NSA Facility

  2. Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole’s Town Hall in Norman: Benghazi “Not Equivalent to Watergate…”

  3. Former aide reveals advisors had to hold Obama back over birth certificate

  4. Michelle Malkin on Rubio’s Craven Rationals: Malkin’s Cousin Marizela Perez Still Missing Two Years Later

  5. Elementary school attempts to ban pork products, parents fight back

  6. Hannity shreds 9/11 Muslim March organizer: Audacity beyond words!

  7. Look Who’s Wearing An Obama Mask Now!

  8. Obama Presidency A Lengthening Legacy Of Lawlessness –

  9. Mark Levin: The Republican Party has Surrendered | The Tea Party News Network

  10. PJNET Stands with these US House Leaders on HR36

  11. Reaping What Obama’s Sown in Egypt

  12. NAACP ripped for demanding federal probe of rodeo clown dressed as Obama

  13. A Reverse High Tech Lynching

  14. Rodeo Clown, Bull, and President Thin Skin

  15. REMINDER: Boycott Jane Fonda in the Butler

  16. When Rednecks Attack.

  17. In The Bunker

  18. A Copy & Paste From Townhall

  19. Clowning Around

  20. Morsi Supporters Ignore Curfew-Continue Violent Protests-Saudi King “Stands” with Egypt “against Terrorism”

  21. Discovering the undiscovered country

  22. Most Americans oppose political endorsements from churches

  23. Supernatural Life Transition Ranch for the Homeless in Red Bluff! – Home

  24. Is human nature basically good or totally depraved…

  25. Hitler and Hypergrace

  26. The New Attacks on the Bible will Fail…Here’s Why.

  27. A Christian’s Greatest Challenge? Learning to Forgive

  28. Christian Accountability-Part II

  29. The house of Jezebel will FALL!

  30. Was Princess Diana MURDERED by British soldier? Metropolitan Police ‘assessing credibility’ of new claim made in court martial of SAS sniper Danny Nightingale

  31. (Col Sellin) A Stealth Coup d’État in the United States – English « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ THE.GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL

  32. Police K-9 Spartacus Killed by his Partner: What Happened?

  33. Voting American’s Bucket List 2014

  34. Obama Supporters Will Go Hysterical Over This Well Sourced List Of 252 Examples Of His Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Etc.

  35. Video: Blowback: Group Planning 9-11 Million Muslim March On DC Blasted

  36. BREAKING: Egypt Mulls Disbanding The Muslim Brotherhood

  37. Adam Gadahn California Muslim Convert Urges Monetary Awards to Jihadists Killing Ambassadors

  38. Egypt’s Embattled Coptic Church Lashes Out at Western Media for Giving ‘Political Cover’ to ‘Terrorist and Bloody Groups’

  39. Barracuda Brigade: Epic Battle Breaks Out ~> ‘Million Muslim March’ ~> Judge Jeanine ~> Video

  40. The Real Oprah Emerges Race Baiter: Four Blacks Kill Young Couple in Cruelest Way – Every Bit As Cruel As Emmett Till

  41. Army of ObamaCare Navigators: No Background Checks, No Fingerprints – Think Identity Theft, Voter Fraud

  42. Common Core Math: Knowing 3 x 4 Is 12 Is NOT The Focus – Explaining Why 3 x 4 Is 11 IS The Focus

  43. Sunday Worship Music: Holy by Jesus Culture

  44. Philippians 1:27-30

  45. I Quit

  46. The New Spiritual Life Assessment

  47. Evil on the Rise


  49. God is going to close down fruitless and faithless…

  50. Identifying Counterfeits

  51. Obama Presidency A Lengthening Legacy Of Lawlessness.

  52. The Lord wants to make YOU Whole!

  53. Elvis: August 16, 1977…

  54. Less Government is Better. Here is a list of things we DON’T need anymore …

  55. it’s a start

  56. Obama on Hitler…sorta

  57. The day will come

  58. Clowntime is over

  59. Gutsy call

  60. The Obamacare Chronicles: 100,000 in New Jersey to lose the insurance they like

  61. Well, that made my day

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