My Article Read (8-5-2013)


  1. Bus Driver Watches As Black Students Viciously Beat White Student

  2. Sama Elmasry Egyptian Belly Dancer Dances – Discusses

  3. Jim Bridenstine: No One Threatening Government Shut Down – No One! Tulsa World Gets Clearer Focus?

  4. Allen West Joins AIM Citizens Commission on Benghazi: “If we get out alive tonight, we’ll be lucky”

  5. DOJ Uses NSA Data to Target Americans – Congress Briefed on DICE Database

  6. ‘Tea Party Patriots’ Preps Activists for August Town Halls on Immigration, Obamacare

  7. The Best Mob Story Ever

  8. Gen. Dempsey respectfully declines to give John Kerry cover

  9. Judge Jeanine: Obama’s a paper tiger, we are sitting ducks

  10. DeMint: Al Qaeda Bigger Threat than Pre-9/11 Because Obama Is Weak

  11. Jon Wexford Blog: Al Qaeda Will Not Take Down America

  12. Is Obama hiding Benghazi survivors to cover up treason?

  13. Rep. Keith Ellison says the rich have plenty of money and the government has a right to it » The Right Scoop –

  14. CA Ordered To Release 10,000 Criminals Onto The Streets

  15. Tea party plans to abandon GOP stars

  16. More Government Is NOT The Answer!

  17. You Are Going From Breakthrough To A Giant Leap ~ …

  18. Your Position is your Destiny

  19. Keeping Alert in Prayer during Threats of al-Qaida Attack

  20. Ground Zero Churches: The Church America Needs Right Now.

  21. Why are we still waiting for revival?

  22. For Adoption or Against Abortion? – Desiring God

  23. The rancher and the officer

  24. God is calling for Prayer, Repentance, Revival

  25. God has NOT abandoned you!

  26. Heartbreak After Pastor, Father of Four Murdered for Asking Neighbors to Turn Down Party Noise

  27. Pat Caddell: John Boehner Aiding Obama Cover-Up of Benghazi

  28. Obama At All Boys Party While America Faces “Greatest Terrorist Threat Since 9/11″

  29. Look Familiar?

  30. We Will Not Be Disarmed: Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia | Obama

  31. Not just man’s best friend

  32. QotD: In which I urge Democrats to cling bitterly to the Nancy Pelosi – Wendy Davis line

  33. #Benghazi: Why the cover-up?

  34. Obamacare: fewer, more expensive choices for all

  35. Democrat congressman accidentally honest with public

  36. Now, that is a locomotive!

  37. The Clinton creep:

  38. Ugly Americans

  39. Liberals freaking out over conservative ‘Facebook Blackout’ protest


  41. Radical Environmentalists Have Blood of 19 Arizona Firefighters on Their Hands

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