My Article Read (7-25-2013)


  1. Navy Seal’s Father: Obama Set Up My Son To Be Executed!

  2. Benghazi Wounded David Ubben Story Seeing Sunlight: Ubben – Blown Up Twice Says Father Rex Ubben

  3. Austin Cunningham: Arab Al Jazeera Stealing Rights to Song ‘The Girls on Fox News’ – Changes YouTube Settings – Good Grief!

  4. Liberal Media Love New Jesus Book ‘Zealot’, Fail To Mention Author Is Muslim

  5. You Won’t Believe How These Contractors are Defrauding the US and Getting Americans Killed

  6. Bachmann Votes for NSA Spying

  7. My Site Is Being Blocked!

  8. “Phony” Scandals???

  9. The Liar In Chief

  10. Thousands of Christian Children in Egypt Pray to be “Change-Makers”

  11. Poll: Race relations have plummeted since Obama took office

  12. Keep Speaking out it is working. We now have Definite Signs of Victory.

  13. Bipartisan consensus: Lengthy remarks offered tired rhetoric

  14. Detroit council supports calls for federal investigation of possible civil rights charges against George Zimmerman


  16. Ears to Hear, Hearts to Obey


  18. A Night Vision: 3 Generations, Anointings & Realignment

  19. President Obama’s Phony Baloney Speech

  20. Did anyone actually listen to Obama newest “pivot” to the economy speech?…

  21. Who is Huma Abedin?…

  22. You never truly grow old until your dreams are replaced with regrets.

  23. Mel Whitlock ** Interesting to Celebrate the Little British Baby


  25. More division and demagoguery. I am so sad. Why doesn’t he simply tell the truth?

  26. What’s in a name?

  27. Oh, what a difference a year makes in Greenland melting

  28. The #Obamacare plan in action: another major insurer pulls out of another state

  29. “Heroic” Edward Snowden applies for membership in KGB veterans group

  30. Been hunting

  31. ‘From Citizen To Subject’

  32. Rich Tea Party Guy With Dozens Of Supporters Will End Mitch McConnell’s Liberal Agenda

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