My Article Read (7-20-2013) (7-21-2013)


  1. William Wilkins Obama Appointee: Head of IRS Targeting Scandal – Represented Jeremiah Wright After Obama’s Political Speech at TCUU ProBono

  2. Frisking Bias in NYC: Crime Bias With No Visible Protest From Civil Rights Leadership – America Stand Your Ground

  3. Congressman to Obamas: Air Force One not your ‘personal toy’

  4. Fla. shop offers Zimmerman free gun for protection

  5. Rand Paul Brings Black, Hispanic Leaders Together with RNC In Iowa

  6. Obama Alias “Barry Soetoro” Registered To Vote At White House Address

  7. Video: Pastor Responds To Racist-in-Chief Obama

  8. Judge Not According to the Flesh

  9. EU Turns Its Back on Israel; Implications Dire

  10. The Conversation Holder Doesn’t Really Want

  11. Obama: Fanning the flames of racial division and dodging the issues.

  12. Al Sharpton Put Down Onto His A** On National Television… (VIDEO)

  13. Oh For The Love Of All Humanity – PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!

  14. Ulsterman Report Readers Sound Off On Liz Cheney vs Rand Paul Update…

  15. President Obama Fans the Flames of Racism in America

  16. Rallies for Saint Skittles across the nation..

  17. Cutting thru the PHOG on Trayvon

  18. The Declaration of Independence

  19. #Obamacare: If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. Maybe.

  20. A Dog Saves a Soldier

  21. Why Did Facebook Block Kirk Cameron’s New Movie?

  22. Kevin Jackson Responds to Obama’s Racist Comments (video) – The Black Sphere :: The Black Sphere

  23. ‘I can’t believe she said that’: Arianna Huffington accused of writing tweet that ‘criminalizes’ Obama

  24. Two Marines Victims of Brutal Attacks in Wake of Zimmerman Verdict

  25. Video: Kirk Cameron’s New Movie BLACKLISTED From Facebook AND Youtube?

  26. Defenseless White Man Attacked By Black Teens, Dies

  27. NBC Incorrectly Claims Zimmerman Jury Is All White

  28. Actor James Woods fires off unpleasant tweets to Obama

  29. Zimmerman defense team responds to Obama’s race remarks

  30. Texas Clinics Close as Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill

  31. Obama Continues Racial Zimmerman Narrative While Hispanics Targeted

  32. The IRS scandal made it to the White House yesterday

  33. The Ol’ Broad’s Grand Adventure!

  34. Psalm 119:1-8

  35. A home for the jonquils

  36. Sunday Worship Music: The One Who Saves by Hillsong United

  37. Pastors and Pews: Prayers Over Ted Cruz Rand Paul Reince Priebus – Can Pastors Lead From the Pulpit?

  38. Ten Things the Word of the Lord brings us today – …

  39. When the prodigal’s older brother teaches religion…

  40. Francis Frangipane: “*This Time?* – I Will Praise The Lord?”

  41. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Praying for Spiritual Revival In America.

  42. Archaeologists say they’ve found one of King David’s palaces


  44. Where Do the Dinosaurs Fit Into the Bible Record?

  45. Pore Little Barry Wuz Sufferin’ From Profilin’!

  46. BRAVO!

  47. But not abhorrent to us, apparently.

  48. Lying, ungrateful pr**k.

  49. Time for armed rebellion. Past time.

  50. Winter Park woman getting Zimmerman death threats

  51. 1 dead, 3 others wounded in Far South Side shooting


  53. Allen West Responds To Obama: “No One Ever Followed Me In A Mall, No Doors Clicking When I Crossed The Street”…

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