My Article Read (7-16-2013)


  1. Trayvon Martin? What about Joshua Chellew?

  2. Trayvon verdict protesters attack TV reporter, storm Wal-Mart

  3. DOJ Ignores Jury Verdict, Trying Zimmerman AGAIN!

  4. The Election Of A Black President Has Meant Nothing

  5. Tokyo Rose American Style – Obama Government Central Unleashed: Propaganda Free For You

  6. Zimmerman Sued NBC for Editing 911 Call – NBC Says Zimmerman Destructed His Own Reputation: FBI Says No Proof Zimmerman is a Racist

  7. Teenagers Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia Rescue 5 Year Old Girl!

  8. CRUZ: Immigration Bill Penalizes Employers for Hiring US Citizens

  9. Alan Dershowitz: Disbar Florida prosecutor, conduct almost criminal

  10. Truth, Justice and the American Way

  11. Protesting the Rule of Law

  12. Gang of Eight Bill Gives Corporations Amnesty

  13. Egypt’s new cabinet sworn in after deadly clashes

  14. Do the best you can!

  15. The myth of St. Trayvon

  16. Dutch Sheets: Necessity Isn’t the Mother of Invention…

  17. Marvin Sapp Speaks About Rebuke in Response to Pastor’s ‘Hissy Fit’ Sermon

  18. US Senate considers taking on Bill to Lift FEMA Ban on “Houses of worship” Aid

  19. Finland’s Interior Minister Sparks Firestorm with Bold Support for the Unborn

  20. Millions of Christians, convinced that America is at stake are finally speaking out and taking action.

  21. This is what it looks like when Jesus takes over a room.

  22. “New Names for a New Season” by Garris Elkins

  23. Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

  24. Walk in Integrity and Obedience

  25. TD Jakes Shocked by George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict; Addresses Case in Sunday Service

  26. 2014 Update: “Republicans On Verge Of Taking Back Senate”

  27. During 20-Day Zimmerman Trial, Four Chicago Children Murdered – Media Ignores Loss Of Life

  28. While Eric Holder Plays Racial Politics, Innocent Children Perish in Chicago!

  29. Wow. MSNBC contributor says more white kids need to die to understand race in America

  30. It’s Tuesday…

  31. The Joke’s On Us…

  32. What an effing disgrace to his office!

  33. Allen West:

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