My Article Read (7-11-2013)


  1. Pay Attention to Egypt

  2. Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia

  3. Video: Eye-Popping Billboard Zings Famous Republican

  4. Video: Nobel Peace Laureate Blames Obama For Arming Syrian Terrorists

  5. Paul Ryan as a Catholic Sees it His Place to Un-Exploit Illegals

  6. Egyptian Boy, Ali Ahmed 12 Years Old Explains The Problem With Muslim Brotherhood – Inspiring!

  7. GOP Senators Sign Letter to Obama: Permanently Delay ObamaCare – Failure to Work With Congress: House Refused More Funding

  8. Shots Fired: Palin Sends Jabs Back to Alaska Senator Mark Begich

  9. Schools that punish for imaginary guns could lose federal funding

  10. Photos: Former Boston bomber ‘person of interest’ partying at WH?

  11. Top televangelist: America must ‘rise up’ like Egypt

  12. The Beast wants you to take the CHIP

  13. After Unanimous State Supreme Court Ruling, Illinois Pro-Life Law goes into Effect

  14. Baby Resurrected Hours After Dead Body Left on Chapel Altar

  15. Law Enforcement Officials Look to Ministers, Churches and Miami Heat to help Keep Calm after Zimmerman Verdict

  16. New Poll Indicates Shift from Pro-abortion to Pro-life

  17. Invigorating Power! Nine Promises for Nine Breakthroughs


  19. Is it right to offer miracle healing to a skeptical public?

  20. And There He Goes – Barack Obama Reveals True Reason For Immigration Bill…

  21. Will justice be served for George Zimmerman? BREAKING: Jury can consider 3rd degree charges based on “aggravated child abuse?”……

  22. More House Stupidity

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